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Sept. 26, 2022

Trauma Story Series | Intergenerational Trauma & Past-Life Regressions | Ruu Campbell

Trauma Story Series | Intergenerational Trauma & Past-Life Regressions | Ruu Campbell

Hi Spiritual Superstar! ūü§© I am so honored to share our beloved Ruu Campbell's¬†Trauma Story¬†- transforming his intergenerational traumas through E4 Trauma Method¬ģ & Past-Life Regression¬†Trauma Work. Our community has been blessed to...

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Hi Spiritual Superstar! ūü§©

I am so honored to share our beloved Ruu Campbell's¬†Trauma Story¬†- transforming his intergenerational traumas through E4 Trauma Method¬ģ & Past-Life Regression¬†Trauma Work.

Our community has been blessed to have his consciousness, heart, and music! ✨

In today's episode, we discuss:

⚡How he transformed his trauma into triumph with Trauma Work

⚡How he ended his intergenerational patterns with past-life regression Trauma Work 

⚡How he stopped sabotaging his success because of Trauma Work

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This week in Soulciété, we are embodying the Universal Law of Nature


With Love, Dr. Erin

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Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method¬ģ, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah.¬†

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‚ÄėNew Thought Wisdom‚Äô in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as ‚Äú11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.‚Ä̬†

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Warning today's podcast is going to showcase a traumatic incident of a man who was abused by his father. So please, if you are somebody who is able to be triggered easily, or has somebody under the age of 18, please take awareness that this is a traumatic incident. That is also from the heart, a beautiful, beautiful transformation of one gentleman's life who has turned his trauma into his triumph, who has transformed his hardest times into something that has become his soul's purpose. So, today I'm going to share with you one, a beloved client of mine and dear friend and somebody who really contributes greatly to the world and to our community. Ruu Campbell, welcome to the Dr. Erin podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma birth, your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, Dr. Divinity. I'm committed to bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma, healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I've been exactly where you are, and I believe in you together. We're awakening the world.


I've just built some ink or something. And my mom is saying, get away, go run, go find, get away, just hide. And I'm scrubbing around trying to find somewhere to go. I know I've done something really bad. I'm going up the stairs. I'm looking in this room. I can't find anywhere there. I shut the door. I go in the next one. I there's nowhere way to go. I can't get out. I find these clothes and I think my door, my sister's bedroom when I run in and I hide behind the clothes, praying that, oh my God, what have I done? What have I done? I hear his foot. I hear this kind of, ah, opens the door. I go, daddy. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. All I'm just saying is I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, because you will be sorry and looks at me with this hate and anger and I'm really fucking scared and uneasy, and I dunno what to do, and I wanna jump out the window, but I'm four stories up and I just dunno what to do. I'm so, so just stuck.


He goes out and I think, do I, what do I do now? Do I run? But I'm paralyzed. Do I stay? And he comes back, gets this big fucking shoe, puts me over his knee and just starts beating me with all of his anger and venom. And it just goes on and on, on, and on really hates me and then pee myself. I pee over him and I feel really bad about that. He reflects on that and I just feel even more pathetic because I can't even keep that in. Like I'm not even man enough to be beaten or something weird like that. And then I'm, he goes, I'm left in the corner and it's a moment of just, and then that moment doesn't end. I'm there for a long, long time, just covered in my own P and I don't know, it's the next day before I'm let out of this room. And then it's, I think it's his birthday or so. And I've done in this card and all I wanna do is get his approval and like give him this big card and my happy birthday and everyone pretends like it hasn't just happened.


So what you just heard was a snippet of the very first E four trauma method that I did on Ruu Campbell. And so it really is the perfect time to showcase his incredible story. Um, you're gonna hear about where he came from kind of all his trauma to how he overcame it and his experience with E four trauma method soulciete and working with me and then where he is now and bringing his gifts, his message and voice to the world. But before we wanna begin, I wanted to say, I'm not a psychologist, I'm a doctor divinity, and this is our spiritual right to do our inner trauma transformational work. But if you're at home, please seek medical help or professional help. Please do not try and do your trauma work without getting certified or accredited or working with a professional. Okay. So sit back and enjoy this profound interview, man.


Oh man. I don't even know where to begin. I began my day in tears as I began to get prepared for this interview, I would say, this is, I haven't even had the interview yet. And I feel like this is my favorite interview ever, because today I'm having one of my dear clients and friends and peers and leaders in our industry now Ru Campbell, who has come into my life and really blessed me with all of his experiences, his trauma and his heart and his sound and his music and his friendship. And I could go on and on and on. So Rue, I'm so excited to dive deep today of having you really take the audience through what it was like to be beat as a child by your father yeah. By your family. Yeah. Yeah. And what that experience was from a virtual share, going through the process of healing and where you are today. So first I just wanna say, hi, how are you? Hi,


I wanna say too, it's such an honor to be here with you. I think I was reflecting on my journey with you yesterday. And I think I came up with a sentence of, I've learned more from you than any other human being on the planet. And it was an amazing thing to say about anyone, but, and I really sat with it. Is that really true? And I said, I, it is actually true. So thank you so much. It's been amazing. The journey with you has just been amazing. I knew from the first second of meeting you and being in, in presence with your consciousness, that we were to work together and that you were my next teacher and I'm so pleased, I got the call and you were so available and, and my life is so different now. Mm.


I literally am gonna cry. Like it, there's no words. And we could go on, like, I could talk to you for hours about all this, because I could just go off of that one conversation forever, because life is, has blessings and really hard things. Mm-hmm and you know, life is a leader has times where it's really challenging and then moments where you have clients that literally tell you things that are the most, the greatest gift of your life.




Yeah. And this is life. Yeah. It's the trauma, it's the beauty, it's all of it. And so we would be so honored for you to kind of set the tone. Okay. Take there as if we're watching a movie. What was your life like before you take us into the virtual share of the actual one of the traumatic incidences?


Well, the, the, let's just say the curtains were always closed and the sun was not shining. And life appeared to be something that I didn't like very much. And, um, people didn't seem to love each other. Um, it was very conditional. If you behaved a certain way, you got treated well, if you didn't, you were hated. I remember looking up at a, a board we used to have, and my sister would have all kind of gold stars and my brother's silver stars and I'd have a whole line of black dots going down. And I was just forever, not just not getting it right. Just trying desperately to be the person they wanted me to be, but being unable to be that being, and it was a very violent, um, volatile place. There was no space. Um, it was quite weird actually, because my father was, was quite naughty. So we were often we'd be moving house without really knowing it and I'd have to have another name and it was all really confusing. So that the whole thing was just really confusing.


So tell me, where did you, where were you born and


What I was, I was, I was born in S RUP Rosebury and then, which is in the middle of England, sort of on the west side. And then, um, my, my mom was kind of, you know, um, quite large Dar and my father was sort of the opposite and they eloped and they ran away together and they had children really young and they admitted to me later, they was just sort of living an image of what they thought they should be. Mm-hmm and, um, which is really beautiful. And then we moved to London when I was four years old. And then I think in my father's pursuit to be good enough, I think he overextended himself a lot and bought loads of property and then got in trouble with the, the law and it all kicked off. And at one point my mom's hair fell out and her, her nails fell out and he was in prison and it was all, they were doing their best, but it was an intense time. Yeah. Wow.


Okay. So you here, you are, you you're in England. You've you've, you know, moved to London, you have older siblings.


Yeah. I have an older sister and two younger brothers. Mm-hmm okay. But I was always like, I was always like the eldest son. I was the heir to nothing as it, as it turns out, but, you know, I was, I was the one that was always in trouble for everything everyone else did. And I was the responsible one kind of thing. That was, that was the role I was supposed to fulfill.


Okay. And this was a dysfunctional relation, dysfunctional fam, if you will. So yeah, take us there. Take us to, to a traumatic incident. I want you to take it through almost like an E four in that a virtual share. Okay. Okay. So take me there. Let's just take a breath together, everyone. And I just wanna set the tone that the reason why we're doing this is, is really to help one person out there. Maybe there's one person, you know, or maybe you've gone through, you know, some really intense trauma and, and we we're doing this so that you can know the level of trauma that someone can go through and the blessing and the purpose and calling that comes out of this. So Ru let's just take a deep breath together and exhaling out. Take me there.


I am, firstly, I'm looking at my front door and I'm willing that I don't have to go through it, but I do have to go through it. And I'm so I'm somewhere I don't wanna be, but I'm seven years old or I'm a young boy and I've just spillt some ink on the floor and I'm mommy. I spill ink on the floor. What do I, what do I do? And my mother looks at me and she's like run. She says run. And I see the terror in her eyes and I just begin running and I'm running up the stairs and I, I sort of open the bathroom and there's nowhere way to hide in the bathroom. And I open my sister's room and there's nowhere way to hide in there. And I open my parents' bedroom. There's nowhere to hide in there. And I go out in the patio and I consider sort of jumping onto a roof, but I don't think I can make it.


So I, I run back and I find a deep corner of this, my sister's room. And I'm hiding in the corner underneath all of these, all of these clothes. And I'm sort of pretending I'm not there all, all held up in the corner. And I, I hear my mom, I hear my dad from downstairs saying, what's, you know, what's, what's going on. And, and suddenly he's at the door and he's opens the door and I'm like, I look at him. I'm like, daddy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm daddy, daddy. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, daddy. I'm so sorry. And he looks at me and he says, you will be. And he then shuts the door again. And I hear him going next door and he he's gone to the room and he's comes back with a huge gym shoe. And he grabs me, I think, could be even by the, and he puts me over his knee and he begins beating me with such a force, such a, you know, he's, he's really going at it.


And I feel a sense of warmth that he's beating me. And I realize that I've urinated all over myself and him. And then I, I sort of, he sort of gets up or looks at me disgusted and sort of, um, discards me into the corner and I'm left in the corner, sort of underneath his clothes. And I'm left there, all that, all that day. It was, it was, you know, it happened in the early morning and I was there all that day and then all that night, and then all the next day, without anyone coming in or food or anything. And then I was led out that day, cuz I draw my father a birthday card and that was his birthday. That's Hmm.


Rue, what did you decide? What were the commands? You know, this works so well. And someone listening in that there's commands that happen. What were those commands that you decided about yourself?


The biggest one that I am bad, that I am weak, that I hurt people. I love that I'm unworthy that I'm undeserving. That life is hard. That I'm a disappointment


Mm-hmm and go ahead. Sorry.


Mm-hmm and more recently I realized thanks to your help that beneath the I am bad command was I'm not the person you want me to be. And that's been the biggest breakthrough for me in my present relationship with my wife. Mm-hmm


so good. So I wanted to explain the commands cuz you know, this work we've been doing this work for a long time and you've done lots of trauma sessions and lots of past life trauma sessions and lots of all different things. Yeah. Those commands, as we know for anyone listening in the commands end up actually Meating the epigenetics and actually like strangulating the DNA. It now also creates an, an Ingram in the neurological system and it plays out in an actual command in the subconscious mind tagging to negative charged on the mental pictures. Okay. That's a lot, but basically bottom line is the commands play out like puppet strings. So tell us a little bit about how that was playing out in your life as a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Well, I, I actually saw in a past life that I was given away, um, as a, as a really young boy. And so I internalized then a command that I am bad. So I came into this life with that command of, I am bad. And so I drew this behavior from these two beautiful people who didn't, they didn't harm my brothers or my, it was just me. So I created that in that moment and I really see my choice in that. So not only did I create the harm as it were in my family life, I then went on to, I sabotage pretty much all the good that's ever happened because I'm undeserving, I'm not worthy. I have to fulfill the identity of being that little beaten boys left in the corner. So, you know, when, whenever something got too good or too amazing, I would unconsciously sabotage it, you know?


And that became even the most evident that was, was with my deal with, with Dreamworks, you know, I got, I got signed for a million dollars and I never felt like I had the money. I never, I sort of pretended it wasn't there. And it was a, a comment for my bookkeeper who said, Ru you know, this is your money. And I was like, I didn't even answer. I couldn't. It's like my, my determination to be that command of I'm not good enough. I'm bad. I'm unworthy was so strong in me that I couldn't assume ownership of all of that money. And, and I, and I, and it just all kind of disappeared into lawyers and bookkeepers and managers. And I never really had any of it because I just wasn't ready for it. Mm-hmm . And then, and then in my relationship now, and I've been, you know, I'm lucky enough to have met my beloved. I've had years and years of, of abundant love yet. I'm still always the bad one. And I get pulled into victim abuser consciousness with her. If I'm not really sort of on it, I get pulled into being the one that's let them all down, you know, and mm-hmm, maybe also I had all this promise, you know, I, I was quite a high achiever as a child, bizarrely, you know, straight a student and, and quite gifted. And yet I was always disappointing everybody because, you know, I could never quite


Yes to it, but this is a very, very advanced, conscious conversation here. And if you're listening in, please know that, you know, be if you were abused or raped or whatever, it doesn't mean that you, you know, it's hard for people to get, like you created that and it's, and we want to acknowledge anybody listening in to say that, Hey, you're not bad that you created this, but when you really deeply, deeply, deeply do the work, you do have the revelation of how it is all created in mind and how those limited beliefs set like a energetic. Yeah. And it's like, it literally is. You could say the law of attraction, but it's, you know, way, way more intricate than what, how it's been explained. But that is the self-fulfilling prophecy of that. That's how powerful we are. The moment that we decide, we're not enough that it says the polarity of the entire universal lawn motion, make sure that, that, that veil, that, you know, lens is looked through and that energetic match has to be matched. Yeah. So Ru I just wanna acknowledge you, like you're full on the lighten, you know, Boha bean here, like truly, and I'm so incredibly excited for your gifts to actually go out to the world. You know, you, as you know, and for people out there that were in the community, Ru sung a song at, on one of the retreats a little while back. And it was literally, I think the best song I've ever heard in my entire life. No exaggeration. And you still haven't published it.


No, I'm really bad. I mean, I'm getting better, but


Let's, let's talk about that. Let's do a little session. I'm just kidding know but I know that it's coming out and I know that you're working, we're working on a bunch of stuff for, yeah. I believe that you are somebody that is going to mark the world with so much love and frequency that it's gonna shatter reality for people out there. And that's absolutely where I hold you at all points in time.


Beautiful. And I'm learning to hold myself there too. Talk to you. Mm-hmm


Yes. Yeah. So let's talk a little bit about your experience in with E four and Soulciete. Okay.


That's work with me. Yeah. One of my favorite subjects.




Um, because you know, just this morning I was doing an E four with a client and you know, that was another thing I, I came to Dr. Aaron is like the Swiss army knife of resolving the human condition.


I love it. Tagline, a new tagline.


Um, my first E four was extraordinary. And, um, um, I knew then that, that was the next thing for me to learn. And, but what I didn't know then was the journey of that was so beautiful. I didn't know that that led me to a place where I feel more and more like the amplifier of the universe sort of thing, without anything in the way. And every E four I've done and I've done loads of them. You learn more about yourself, you learn more about consciousness. That's the other thing I didn't, I, I wasn't aware of the beauty of consciousness and how much we can play in consciousness. And I honor use Erin in creating a society and a place, a school of consciousness. I mean, it's like Harry Potter on steroids in the real world. Do you know what I mean? It's for someone like me, it's just, I can't believe my luck to train my consciousness, which is just the most incredible possibility. And again, I said, you know, I've, I've been in communes where I've worn a robe and I've meditated all day, nowhere near as conscious


. Oh, that's so great. It's getting on


Into Soulciete so that the community's amazing. The E four is incredible, I, I remember doing, um, lots of Tony Robbins and I became aware of coaching and life coaching and all this, and it was all great. And I was like, good. You know, we can make changes, identity creates, but there was no place for real trauma. So I was looking for where do people who have real trauma? Like, I know I do. Where do we go? And then I found you and the E four, and that's been such a breakthrough to me. And, and then to share that with everyone, I love, I mean, everyone, I know I do E four, you know, we, I do it with my brother, my sister, oh God.


Oh, that just makes me so happy.


We all do it because it's just, for me, it's just gotta be done. It's just like, well, before you try anything, just do your trauma work because you're gonna sabotage it. You know, mm-hmm, someone said to me just today, why can't we just cry? And I was like, listen, we can just cry. And you can do control, cry, and you can do breathwork. But if you don't have a change in consciousness, you're just gonna go right back to where you were before. So that's the key E four, you design this method that unites the releasing of emotion with a change of consciousness. And that shit stinks. I mean, sticks stinks.


but I do. I agree. And I think that people don't understand, right. They don't, you can't teach enlightenment. You have to experience enlightenment. Yeah. So what we find, as I'm sure with you is like, you go on thinking, I just wanna heal this pain. I just wanna end some of the suffering. I just wanna end some of the stuck patterns. Yeah. But what you come out with is like a whole new revelation.


Yeah. I mean, that, that's another crazy thing is that, you know, I ended up back in the commun in India, understanding the wisdom of the ancients, which I didn't think it would go there at all. Yes. Now I'm sitting nestled in between the east and the west fully integrated. Also, it's not pie in the sky. It's really grounded. You know, it's abundance, it's prosperity. It's loving those. You love, it's earning what you wanna earn. It's getting this world working for you. It's not hiding in a cave, wishing things were different. Do you know what I mean? It's yeah. It's really good. Yeah.


It's so good. You know, I always think about you cuz you know, you're musician and as you, I always think of trauma work like a piano player. Yeah. So like a piano player can play full chords and do everything and have artistry. And I think about it, like our DNA, like the DNA is almost like we get to play our DNA, but if we have trauma, it's like having a stuck where your piano keys aren't working and you can't play the song that you wanna play. Yeah. And, and I do think that I do think that music is the highest frequency. It's the highest, most beautiful art on this planet. Especially, even voice is so beautiful. Yeah. But so just, I don't know, just whatever it is that you wanna say for yourself around music and how it's impacted you with, with your ability, cuz you already had so many abilities




To do the music. Anyway,


I did. Um, music for me is a place of extreme vulnerability. So it's a place where I have to be honest and that has closed doors and open doors. And I think that's probably why my dream works records stayed on the shelf because I'm not sure it was fully honest. And you know, that it, that quite had the honesty and that I was ready really. And maybe I was doing it for different reasons as well. Like that that's something else you find through the E four is, is you get to a point when you, when you're releasing all the pent up anger, all the emotions, all the judging, all the, all the stuff you've been turning ultimately on yourself, when you release all of that, you begin creating and sharing from a different source. It's like you, so you begin creating from a source of purity. It's not for anything. Yeah. It's not. So you can be a pop star or so you can earn money or so it's not, it's just for the joy of the doing of it for the being of it. And that, that's a huge thing that feels different to me now just the joy of being who I am, because what I've realized is that I might not be the person you want me to be, but I'm the person I wanna be. yes. I love


It. You know, there's so much buzz right now. Of course, around intergenerational trauma. Oh yeah. Pass by progressions. Now I think we, I don't know if we're, I'm sure other people do pass life progression trauma, but, and then of course, codependency trauma and on and on and on. Yeah. So the cool thing, just for people out there that if you're listening, you know that it's not just one thing like equal trauma method. We use it no matter what, if it's, if you're dealing with, um, you know, being abused or if you're dealing with a breakup from last week or if you're dealing with, you know, um, things like traumas that have come down your intergenerational traumas, what it's the same process, which is so amazing about the E four and stuff. Yeah. But I want them, I want you to tell people where they can find you first of all, your music. Okay. Number one, because the most important thing is for them to find your music and then,


Well I've made it very hard. no, but I think if you Google Ru Campbell, are you, you Campbell, I'm on iTune, Spotify, you know, I'm around. And um, there's a record. Heart song was my last record, which is a beautiful record. And I've got a, a new record I'm I'm writing at the moment, which hopefully will be out in the spring next year, called kiss of the stars, you know, featuring that song. You love and many more. And I'm, I it's also, I'm also cuz we love prayer. Don't mean Dr. Ian and I'm learning, I'm learning a lot about the power of intention and just so I'm also doing music that is quite prayer based now that that is healing. Like I've got a forgiveness track and I am the, I am track, which is kind of meditative kind of mantra, like, because I quite react to mantras in their lack of creativity. So I'm trying to sort of birth that too. So yeah. There's lots coming. It's very, I'm very


Excited, so much, much, so much I'm sort of, and then also you are working with teen boys, correct?


Yeah. Yes. I've just set up something called divine prince, which is I, I realized that had a big awakening. Um, when I did a, a sort of Kini dynamic meditation when I was sort of, I don't know, 18 where you shake and then you dance and everything went, everything changed from that moment. And I knew I had to go and started in India, which I did. I went off and started in as commun and it was amazing. And they gave me the name. I took Sanya. Right. I, I dedicate my life to awareness and um, that was in 1994 and they gave me the name dage, which means divine prince. So as I was sitting in meditation, I was like, it's gotta be called divine prince. I love that.


I love that. So yeah. Yeah. And I think it's, it's so amazing because I think what you said earlier, because a lot of children that are beat by their parents, a lot of times they'll become what might be labeled a borderline or you know, where they don't have an identity and they're looking for identity. So I think what you said earlier is really imperative for people to understand. And we don't believe in titles, we don't believe in, you know, your borderline or your, you know, codependent, or we just don't believe in those titles. We believe that it's we get to create ourselves from this moment forward in a new thought. Um, knowing that we've, we are creators, we're divine creators. So I would love it if you want to pray us out.


Oh, that's so beautiful. Okay. So I will ask all of you just to put your hands together and just indulge us for a moment, put your hands together and rub your hands together and just feel those, fill your fingertips, brushing against each other and just know your cleaning, all the 10 planetary aspects of self. And as you're rubbing those, feel the, feel, the tension in your hands, cleaning all the field around you in and outside. The first thing we do is we acknowledge the oneness of all things that your hands come to rest by your heart. I acknowledge the oneness of all things that oneness that's always been and will always be that is, and of everything all the past, all the future or your enemies or your friends or the wrongdoing or the right doing or the triggers and the triumphs. And then there is no separation between me and that.


I get to be that I am the, I am, I am the universe. I am the unmanifest power manifest in this body. There's no phone call. I need to make no bridge. I need to cross no river. I need to swim across. I am there I am the, I am. And as the, I am, I declare that I am reaching millions and millions of hearts worldwide, that I am truth, that we are healed, that we are whole, that we are the true free expression of who we've come here to be that I'm singing the song. I came to sing in my heart. I see us all radiant, light warm, cherished, wanted, loved held as together we say up to eat.


And, and so it is yes. Oh my gosh. My heart is so full, so full. And I just wanna say thank you for, from the community as well. You know, we have mostly women as you know, in there about 99% women and we have amazing, uh, divine masculine in there as well. And I just wanna say you add so much to, I mean, I've, I don't think we've ever had somebody so many revered, like you were so revered in the community. It's, it's really amazing. And I'm just so blown away by, you know, a spirit that could be abused by their father, how loving you are. And it's really, really profound.


It's beautiful for that. And in the, in the E four as well, you go back and you see who you are, you know, before or that. And I, and I am just a really loving, sweet little boy, you know, just, just, it means well for everyone and you get to learn that about yourself or maybe you distrusted yourself before, you know?




And you and you girls are amazing just so you know,


I am. Thank you. Thank you. So I just wanna read one thing because Ru kind of had to put in his story to come on here so that he could distill it down and stuff. And I was reading through all of it. I just wanted read one thing for anybody out there that if you are still going through some tumultuous times, maybe even being abused by your family, there was a time for Ru and he had grown up in a very violent and volatile family, but there was a moment he says in here, he was in Spain, he was about 10 or 11 years old. And his family was out, um, kind of on the run if you will. And in a moment he went, he walked up away from his parents. He walked out, I believe, which was out in the woods on a plateau, about a hundred meters away from his family.


And he sat there under the stars. And in that moment, he describes how he felt the bliss of his first time in his life. He felt that oneness, he felt that allness that divine nature, the divine prints, if you will. And so we wanna say that anybody's out there, that we see you, we're with you now we're with you spiritually right now. And we know that when you're ready to heal, there are answers. Whether it be through coming into society and getting trained, whether it be working through Ruu cuz he does work one on one as well. And wherever that is, we know that Spirit's going to guide you perfectly to the perfect place, the perfect community and the perfect healing modalities. We love you.


We love


You. Yes. We love you. Thank you Ru for sharing your heart and your life.


Oh thank you, Dr. Erin. Thanks so much really?


Mm-hmm yes. Okay. You guys, you can find Ru why don't you tell them where you can find him again? It's just Ru on Campbell, on social media as well.


Yeah. Ruu Campbell and at Ru meditations on Instagram and on you know, for my website.


And cool. So it's RUU and then Campbell. Yes. Okay guys have a blessed day and may you live your truth? You live your truth. Let's do this amazing.


You face all the things,




The smiles, all the, every step. The a so can be anymore. Tear down these walls on your, give yourself to the rivers, flow down your values. The


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