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Feb. 10, 2019

Spiritual Awakening [6 of 40 Series]

Spiritual Awakening [6 of 40 Series]

Ultimate Truths vs. Relative Truths

Daily Inspiration: Story of Sliding Doors

Daily Universal Law: Law of Relativity

Daily Challenge: Accept People's Viewpoints 

Daily Inspiration: Practice Non-Judgement


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Welcome to the Dr. Erin show. May you live your truth.


Live from Los Angeles. We come together each morning to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law and our own personal truth. So let's do this thing. You guys, uh, we also come together as a community through society. Our vision and mission is to be the number one spiritual community in the world of spiritual leaders. We come together online and offline through events, through mastermind, through membership, through all the above, knowing that each one of us awakens and has a gift and a message to bring to the world. So today's topic is truth. Live your truth. I heard, and I don't know it's the truth, but <laugh>, but I've heard that live. Your truth is the number one, kind of saying for, uh, 2019. And I've been saying this for so many years, live your truth. And for me, it was a real big question of what is truth.


You know, there's ultimate truths and there's relative truths. And we're gonna dive into that today. So bringing us the story, cuz we were late and love story. But before that princess Diana, I've gotta quote her cuz she's such a badass or, and is an eternal spiritual badass only do what your heart tells you, princess Diana. And it's so true. I think that that sums up truth, the relative truth, but it brings me to a story years back. I remember I was, uh, curled up one night on sofa. This was back in the day when I actually watched television and watched movies. I actually really have not watched television since 2008. So this was actually before that. But I remember being curled up on a sofa watching the movie sliding doors. You guys remember this one with um, Gwenth Paltro on it. So it was a romantic drama about parallel universes basically.


So the main actress, Helen Gwenth Paltro was the main character and she gets fired from her public relations job. After she basically discovered that her boyfriend is cheating on her. So it shows like this multiple universe, that's what it's called sliding doors. And in one universe, after getting fired, she catches a train and arrives home just in time to walk in on her boyfriend in bed with his ex-girlfriend and in the other universe, after getting fired, she drops her earrings in an elevator and then she runs to the train, but she misses the train just by seconds. She ends up arriving home later, but never catches her boyfriend with his ex-girlfriend. So after a long stream of events in the movie, both of the storylines finish with the exact same ending, which basically where she breaks up with her cheating boyfriend and she finds herself in a fatefully serendipitous relationship.


So in the climax scene, James, her new found love is frantically searching for her because she thinks he's been cheating on her as well. And he finally finds her and she's on this bridge at night. You know, it's a typical movie and she's in the rain and her hair's wet and all this stuff. And he professes that he's not cheating on her. And so with her hair wet and soaking and she's tears in her eyes and the drama, like all great Hollywood flicks Helen dramatically asks, is that the truth, James, she kind of like yells it across the bridge in the rain. And again, it was as if the universe was speaking to me, cuz I always believe that when we're searching for answers, it's always speaking to us, whether it be through a movie, through whatever, and it dawned on me, what is the truth?


And so I asked you that today, what is the truth? So Oxford dictionary defines truth as that, which is in accordance to fact or reality, a fact or belief, a verified, indisputable fact, whatever, but there's relative and ultimate truths. The truth is the, your relative truth is based on your beliefs. So I love this conversation of ultimate truths versus relative truths. The Greeks were the first to develop the concept that every person has an individual truth. They were the first to recognize that spiritually, we have individual journeys and this has been the foundation of many, many great thinkers and inventions in this world. So what is ultimate truth and what is a relative truth? So we found this through science that there's this thing called the observer effect, which basically states that as we observe something, a phenomenon happens and literally changes the state of what we're we're we are observing.


So this was one of the most profound things I remember, uh, watching this years ago on like a cartoon character. I think it was in what the bleep, that one movie and learning about the observer effect and being like, what are you kidding me? So what is truth then? Right. So ultimate truths and relative truths are like this ultimate truths are changeless, eternal and absolute. For example, energy cannot be destroyed. Okay. It basically relates to all of, of the world. It's the physics of the universe. It's gravity. It's how the universe works. And there is order to this thing called the law. The law of attraction law is cause effect universal law. There is physics and you cannot change those physics. But what you can change is your relative perception of that. So relative truths, conversely are different for every single human being Einstein's theory of relativity is the best way to tackle this concept.


Meaning that the moment you even perceive something to be, it sets in motion, your experience of that exact thing. So for example, they found, you know, when there's a car accident and they, you know, surveyed people, the witnesses of the accident, every single person sought differently. Okay. Does it change the actual effect of the facts? Who knows? That's a relative thing. We don't know if your actual perception changes because through the observer effect it does. So how do they come to this conclusion and something like an accident on the street and that's yet to be discovered. So the, the point is this, is that when everyone says live your truth, what does that mean? Exactly. That means that yes, there's this ultimate truth, but your truth, guess what is gonna change. And as you evolve, as you awaken, as you do all that inner work and spiritual work, your truth will shift because really it's moving more and more towards the expansion of your perception towards the expansion of your consciousness.


And in this things happen the way you relate to things, change your perception of money, changes in your ability to create and innovate, changes your ability to see things and have compassion and everything. Every ounce of life changes as you shift. So your relative truth changes. However, in the process, it's very important to honor exactly where you're at. And in honoring that you allow there to be changed. You allow there to be a shift. It's when we resist our truth. When we're not living in alignment with wherever we are right now that we resist where we are and in resisting it, what we resist persist. So we can't evolve. We can't change if we don't embrace exactly where we are. So what works for you in the realm of career and money in the realm of relationships and love in the realm of health and wellness and in the realm of creative expression is very important to honor and see the perfection of wherever you are, whatever your belief, whatever your belief system is, knowing that your belief system still is a bunch of BS.


Okay? Belief system, just saying. So in that, you know, one of the sayings I've said for years and years and years is may you may living your truth, set you free, may living your truth, set you free. And in my opinion, which is a relative truth. One of the primary points of spiritual work is to birth. Your unique truth may UIX is a Greek Oracle process based on the word midwifery, something that I was trained in years and years ago, it's a modality of birthing one's truth. The midwife is really birthing that truth. Socrates applied this technique, which is now called the Socratic method and modern day cognitive therapist. Many of these people use many modalities to basically do the same work, which is really questioning everything and expanding consciousness, awakening to your unique divine truth and awakening ultimately to the ultimate truth. So one of the keys to awakening and boldly living your personal truth is to allow others to live their truth.


Imagine that imagine if you didn't make people wrong, imagine that if you just were able to understand someone's perception and allow them to have their own perception. Now that's an advanced spiritual practice, probably the most advanced spiritual practice practices on this planet, especially when it comes to relating to your intimate love partner, husband, wife, or whatever, that area of life. It's a very complex dynamic of life. And if you can allow people and accept people's viewpoints, you are miles and miles ahead. In fact, you would probably be at walking guru. So on that note, today's universal law is the law of relativity, which states what occurs on a microcosm level is what happens on a macrocosm level, spiritual truth and universal law are absolute truth. However, they can be individually used for a relative perspective and experience. People are endowed with the individual use of one mind and the exact proportion or distortion they choose at a soul level.


Furthermore, your individual reality is in direct relation to the whole. So this is the deal. However, you use gravity, whether it be jumping off a building or whether it be just, you know, skipping along gravity still works. And this is the point of your relative perspective, the extent to what, which you make someone wrong is the extent to which you will begin to have war and argument. The extent to which you make someone right, is the extent to which you will have profound, beautiful expanding relationships. The extent to which you invert the law is the extent to which you will feel suffering and feel scarcity and vice versa. And so today's challenge is to accept people's viewpoints. Just accept them. Doesn't mean they're right. Doesn't mean it's wrong. Just become fascinated by their viewpoints, right? The daily spiritual practice today is to practice non-judgment and non-resistance to allow others to have their own relative viewpoints about life simply become fascinated by how people choose to perceive their circumstances and the world release the need to have others have the same viewpoint as you.


They don't need to see it the way you see it. It's okay. Allow others to be who they are knowing that each person's path is unfolding perfectly. The truth is they are divine, spiritual being with the power to create anything they choose. And so on that note, I just know perfection as the truth will set, you free the true truth, the ultimate truth, the truth of who you are, you are a powerful, spiritual being with the same energetic code that has created the entire universe. You are the backing of the energy. You are spirit, you are divine, you are all of it. Having a relative experience as a human being. So enjoy it is not gonna last. <laugh> have fun. You guys have a great day and please check out soul society. It's an incredible community. We're creating. I'm so excited. We have ambassadors all around the world.


Now we have leaders, soul entrepreneurs, and we have a traditional membership for spiritual community to know the truth. Come together. We have zoom calls for soul sessions. We have private groups, we have events. We have all kinds of things. Check it out.