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Feb. 3, 2019

Spiritual Awakening [5 of 40 Series]

Spiritual Awakening [5 of 40 Series]

Daily Inspiration to Live Your Truth

Daily Inspiration: The Story of the Butterfly

Daily Universal Law: Law of Cause and Effect

Daily Challenge: Shift Your Thinking

Daily Spiritual Practice: Take 10 Minutes for Contemplative Meditation 



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Welcome to the Dr. Erin show. May you live your truth! Good morning. Live from Los Angeles. We come together each morning to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with our unique truth. That's right. Live your truth. We also come together as a community through soul society. The mission of society is to be the number one spiritual leaders community in the world. We come together online and offline. We come together through soul session calls. We come together through events. We come through all kinds of beautiful things in membership and online, offline. So if you haven't checked it out, you can check it, which is S O U L C I E T E or That's D R E R I N. Dot TV. Yes. We believe that when you awaken you have a gift and message to bring to the world, we are awakening the world together.


So let's do this thing. So today let's talk about transformation shift happens. That's right. J Rowland said, we do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine. Amen sister. So I think that the most kind of traditional sense of transformation is the story of the caterpillar. And I remember doing a talk on it when I was in ministry and doing a little bit of research on it. And it's pretty profound when you think about it. So I'd like to share a little bit about the metamorphosis and the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly, cuz this is really the biggest significance, uh, and symbology of transformation. So did you know that the butterfly it's it's like literally it's first a larva egg, it, it hatches. And then it crawls, eagerly, oscillating into a caterpillar and it literally gets excited to crawl just by, you know, a land on the tree, wherever it goes, it goes and eats and eats and eats leaves.


And it literally packs itself full of food. And it, then it locates itself specifically on, on a part of a branch usually. And then it, I mean like, can you imagine, just to imagine for a minute, okay. You're you don't even know you're just doing this. It's like, it's just your habitual being. It's just like you do it. You don't know why it's just like crawling eating. It just eats so much till it can't, you know, eat anymore. And it basically finds a spot and begins to create a cocoon. It's not like the thing goes to school and goes, okay, now this is what you're gonna do. When you grow up, you're gonna go create a cocoon. Like it just intuitively instinctually, biologically like naturally creates a cocoon or they call it a Chrysalis. And in cases itself in this fine thread where its next metamorphosis takes place.


So 10 to 14 days later, the caterpillar reabsorbs its skin and fur and slowly develops into a beautiful butterfly. So it goes in this huge cocoon, right? And use the same cocoon as when you're doing your awakening. You all of a sudden, you know, it's like, it's like nature happens. Shift happens. If you will, stuff happens, breakdowns happen. You begin to basically surrender. It's this natural thing that happens in, in life. We literally crazy things happen out there. We, we feel suffering. We get sad and we go within and as we call it surrender, it's a natural thing. It's not like anyone has to teach you how to get sad. Like it is. We say it's learned behavior. I don't believe it's. I think it's like something in the human makeup. It just happens. And so back to the back to the caterpillar or the butterfly, which you wanna say, whenever it's ready, after it's gone to this cocoon, the butterfly swallows air to expand its body and breaks, open this Chrysalis and wraps its legs around the leaf with its wings, still Moise from the protection environment of the crystals. The butterfly needs to wait until it's completely dry. Then when it's ready, it spreads its glorious wings leaves the known dimension of this, of the plant and takes flight into a new reality flying and experiencing life and the world in a completely unique way.


It's this beautiful cycle that ends where it begins with the adult butterfly lane, eggs ready for the new life to spring forth. And this is what I think is the most profound aspect of the butterflies transformation or metamorphosis is that it's born as a caterpillar with what is called imaginal cells and diss, which hold the dormant information of the butterflies destiny. You hold destiny, you hold this thing called imagination. You hold the wisdom of the universe. You already are awake. You already are enlightened at some core aspect of you. The only thing for you to do is to decide to wake up, to turn on this aspect of you that's already there. And so in knowing this it's it's, I think this is so profound. You know, life happens, we get sad, we suffer. We keep looking out to the world. We keep looking and getting, you know, beat up by the world.


We're always let down. It's just part of our nature. And then we suffer and we suffer and suffer and we have to go within and then we surrender and then something magical happens. Something happens. And whether you do this by suffering out there in the world, or whether you go into meditation and I believe that this transformation can happen multiple ways, but just as a hero's journey, just as you know, every story I've ever heard, usually when people have awakening, usually as people step into their power, that usually was some trial and triumph and this is just the human nature and how it works. And it doesn't have to work that way. But it, for some reason, the story happens over and over and over again. So what a profound, amazing symbology for our own transformation, you know, awakening is not only an expansion of consciousness.


It's an identity shift. That's the true thing. Literally the caterpillar goes through a huge transformation shift, right? We just don't see our transformation, right? We just don't see the transformation. Spirituality is the reality that everything comes from spirit, your higher self. It is the idea of being the cause rather than the effect of life. It is the paradigm shift from defining yourself through observation, the material world, to recognizing the absolute truth, the absolute truth of your spiritual nature. This is the victory. This is the transformation transformation is like, it's like an X factor, a quantum leap in yourself. Did you know that you're so powerful? You know, Thomas truer talks about this and this changed my entire perception of spirituality when I was doing my doctorate and we had to read about so many great thinkers and, and writers and speakers and all the different philosophies, Thomas truer, I think he was one of the most profound teachers that impacted me having one of those aha moments.


He said that in, in the original power, he said, it's in the self contemplation that you instantaneously inform universal law. It's, it's how you consider yourself to be. If you're such a powerful, spiritual being at the moment, you even consider yourself to be any identity. You set into effect a whole stream of events to universal law. Like that's how powerful you are. That's how powerful you are. Change transformation happens. Instantly shift happens instantly. So in just knowing this truth today, just going past everything, you know, working with clients and going into their subconscious work, what happens is oftentimes and majority of every human being I've worked with has trauma. Trauma does not mean that you had to be an ward of trauma. Trauma is a relative thing, right? Trauma. My definition of trauma is having a high, high, high state of negative emotion that impacts the nervous system and impacts the consciousness.


So basically what that means is that in the moment of high, high emotion, you literally decide things and you command into your subconscious. And this is a limiting belief. The opposite can happen. As we talk about where you have a high, high state of ecstatic emotion and you state the truth. And in that it, it, it shapes our and programs, our subconscious. But so the point is this is that if you wanna have that true transformation as a caterpillar into the butterfly, as the effect person reclaiming your power to be awake and powerful, you've got to release those limiting beliefs. You've gotta neutralize those mental pictures around the trauma. You've gotta do your internal subconscious work. And so in knowing this, I know everything's possible that it's the same energy that bounds us. That brings in the limiting beliefs. It's the same power transformed into, into your highest self.


And only you can do that. You have to decide to find the practitioner, the modality there's many different things. Of course, people work with me. There's there's different cognitive therapists. There's just things like EMDR. There's different trauma modalities. I am trained in Greek Oracle processes, which I believe are the most profound cuz you go into past lives. You go into all kinds of trauma. It takes some time, but people want instant gratification. But if you want true enlightenment, I believe you gotta do it all. I, I believe it's more than a tapping session or more than just looking at something from this childhood. I believe you've gotta look at trauma from all lifetimes and birth, the true identity and birth, your unique truth and birth, your purpose in calling out of all that trauma that's happened over multiple lifetimes. And this is what I know for sure is that breakdowns are created from the depths of your soul for breakthrough in your awakening, that this is the beauty and the perfection, the intelligence that knows exactly what you need at all points in time.


You know, there's a project called the spontaneous remission project is a database created by Carly Herberg and Brendan O Reagan. And it's a 1993 and it basically took 3,500 references of from 800 journals and 20 languages of people that had spontaneous remission. This is the truth. You guys that there's, it's all possible. Don't listen to what the world tells you. And yes, we have to say, go to your doctor and, and listen to what they tell you. But don't listen to the prognosis. Anything's possible. There's people that have had HIV positive and then later found out they're negative. There's people that have had stage four cancer and, and completely had disappear. There's there's all kinds of possibility. You have this intelligence in you, you have this, this potential in you. That is, that is the butterfly that has you fly. That is called faith and knowing and tapping into that truth.


Anything and everything's possible. So today a daily universal law is a law of cause and effect in this states for every effect, there is a cause spirit, your higher self, your beliefs create your thoughts, which create your feelings and emotions, which create and causes circumstances of your life. This is the trio nature of the creative process. Then Fullman of thought through law and form, this law responds in direct proportion to your beliefs. Your experience of life changes to the degree you change your core beliefs and thinking. So today the daily like practice and challenge, the challenge is to shift your thinking, shift it decide that's the challenge. The practice is to basically take your life and take a look at the traumatic incidences. This is the daily S every day. What is playing out an out picturing into your life? What is that? And begin to take note of all the traumatic incidences you've ever had. What did you decide in those traumatic incidences? What were the commands that you had and beginning to really begin to think about that? Take time, do contemplative meditation. Yes. You probably need to find a practitioner if you have major like PTSD or major trauma, but you can do a lot of this in mirror work in, in spiritual work in meditation, in contemplative meditation begin to really take a look and shift through this. What are those limiting beliefs that are affecting your life today?


Take 10 minutes to contemplate how the hardest thing you've ever gone through may possibly be the biggest blessing in disguise. I know for me having a stillborn at 22, I know for me, that was the hardest, most traumatizing, intense moment of my life after giving birth to his body and standing in that mortician's house, dark in that deep basement room. But what I know now is looking back, that was the greatest blessing of my life because I had to, I had to, I had to a decision, a decision to wake up a decision to figure out what my spiritual nature was, a decision right there. I never felt so alone in my entire life, down in that dark room. My parents weren't there. My husband wasn't there. It was all alone as a 22 little, a little girl, really 22 years old. But what I know is that there was something in me that knew there was something in me that knew I was a butterfly. And you deserve that. You deserve to fly. You deserve to wake up, decide who you are. Remember who you, you are and fly, fly, baby fly. This is all we got this isn't address rehearsal. Yes, we're mortal eternal, but in this lifetime and in this form, this is all we got this one life. So make it the best, have the best day ever. And may you live your truth?