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Jan. 20, 2019

Spiritual Awakening [3 of 40 Series]

Spiritual Awakening [3 of 40 Series]




DAILY INSPIRATION: The extent to which your consciousness is expanded or contracted is the extent to which you will experience feeling divided or divine. 


DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: The Law of Creation


DAILY CHALLENGE: See life as a mirror


DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Practice shifting shitty situations into seeing them as lessons and blessings. 



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Welcome to the Dr. Erin show. May you live your truth! Good morning from Los Angeles, California. We come together each day to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law. So today I wanna talk to you about consciousness, the key. So I want you to imagine just for a minute, like closing your eyes, just taking a deep breath in for a minute and imagine that the universe is listening. It's listening to you right now. No words need to be spoken. And it's listening to you through your energy, through vibration, through frequency, through what's really, really going on with you. You know, we have this whole thing about positivity and affirmations and trying to think, right. But if we don't actually feel that way authentically, it doesn't mean anything. The universe is listening 24 7 to you. The core of you, the core of what's really going on for you.


We could pretend all day long, but the truth is that the universe is listening and we inform our subconscious and universal law by the frequency, how we truly feel at the core of each cell of our body, the universe hears your heart, your beliefs, your feelings. And it's communicating with you as you 24 7, 365 days a year, every second. And it always has for all of eternity, you are the unique individual and you are one with the, all you are the creator. We are the creator that, that consciousness that's our true, true consciousness is the creator. And that is the entire work of spirituality. That's the entire work of our inner work is to basically release all limited identities and come back to that true identity that I am identity. And so knowing that the universe is taking your order, I wanna ask you, you know, what, what would you like to have?


The universe is asking? What if it came up like it's a waiter or a server, you know, and you go to a restaurant and all of a sudden the server comes up and it's like, may I take your order? And you don't know what you want. So the universe is constantly asking, what do you want? And what would you like to experience? Cuz all it does is say yes. Who would you like to be? But beware as the universe does not know the future from the past, it doesn't know the difference between rich or poor. It doesn't know smart or foolish. It doesn't know charismatic or dull. It just knows. Yes. It doesn't know evil. It doesn't know right or wrong. It just simply is neutral. It just simply has a cause and effect factor. And it responds with a simple yes period. End of story.


So obviously the universe is working a hundred percent of the time. It doesn't play favorites. It doesn't know divided from divine. It just knows. Yes, it just knows existence. And so as we dive into consciousness, we have to ask, you know, what is consciousness and why is consciousness the key? So the truth is this the extent to which your consciousness is limited or expanded is the extent to which you will experience feeling divided or divine. As we have the limited identity, as we believe limited concepts, we basically squeeze. We like it's like, imagine that there's, you know, I use the analogy that imagine there's sun above you and imagine there's clouds between you and those clouds come between you, those limiting beliefs and all of a sudden it becomes dark and gray and you are literally in like a storm, right? So as you release your limiting beliefs and you release those clouds, you expand your consciousness, the sunlight begins to stream in.


And so we have to identify the difference between consciousness and awakening because consciousness and awakening is the same thing, but becoming conscious and truly having an awakening is very different in that becoming conscious is like seeing new perspectives. You know, I never really saw it that way. You begin to expand your consciousness. You begin to expand your perception, but this is the difference between expanding consciousness and awakening. There is a point in the factor of when you expand your consciousness, whether that be through meditation a natural way, whether you take medicine, a natural medicine, I do not ever promote that, but some people do, um, any way that you expand your consciousness when you expand it far enough and wide enough and great enough, what happens is it's almost like all of a sudden you've opened this, this vase you're able to, you emptied it out.


And all of a sudden it allows for something new to come into it. And it's like the universal law, the truth of the universe comes streaming into your own consciousness. And this is where people might say I'm channeling. Or they may say that, you know, they've had an actual awakening. Um, you'll hear all kinds of things, supernatural abilities turn back on dets may come. Angels may come. I don't know that the awakening factor is unique for each and every person. It is there's common denominators for sure. But it is unique because each person has different gifts, different, super powers, different guides and so on and so forth. And so we just wanna know this, that it is consciousness. Consciousness is the key because consciousness is creating all of life right now because whether you have not gone through awakening or you have, it doesn't matter beneath the veil, you are a super powerful being.


You there's no difference of who you are when you awake versus not awake. It's just that your perception is that you actually experience yourself as a creator, but you're always the creator. You can't not be that. Okay. But so science completely agrees with this. You know, so as, um, going through some of the different, um, philosophers and scientific, um, backing around this, I think it's very important to know that this is not just some woo woo spiritual thing. You know, I was obsessed with doing research for many, many years. And of course there's so many great masters that have come along to basically confirm this right? Quantum physics supports the notion that you are the creator of your experience. We know this through the observer effect and so on and so forth. Socrates taught us that the mind is everything. Plato reinforced this notion. Basically when you expand your mind, you realize the power within you reveal your supernatural abilities, Nicola, Tesla, you know, he used the power of his mind through visioning to invent.


He firmly believed that when science incorporates nonphysical phenomena, the world will make a more, it will make basically more progress in a decade than it's made in all of the previous combined notion, which he said. And so Nicola, Tesla, of course, everyone loves him. And um, there's so many scientific backings now. I mean so many on understanding that consciousness is creating everything. And so we have to ask, you know, what is consciousness? And it really is that factor, that part of you, that is conscious. We have the subconscious, but that part of you and you go, well, that part of me, that conscious part of me feels so limited. But what we have to understand is that you also are the factor that puts the veil on you. No one else can put the veil on you. No one else can believe the limiting beliefs.


You had to agree to them. And so it is that consciousness. It's the consciousness, the God consciousness that God is consciousness, knowing that through this energy, through the frequency, through the vibration, uh, just knowing that mind, the mind is actually beyond you. Okay? So discards notion, I think, and therefore I am. And many people say the mind is separate from you and that's not separate. There's no such thing as duality. It's beyond you. It's if you close your eyes, so take a minute for a minute and just close your eyes. Okay? There are no boundaries in consciousness. You can go to the past. You can go to the future in your mind, you can fly, you know, imagine yourself right now as a butterfly and you're flying around or imagine yourself leaping off a building and you're just flying, right? That's consciousness. Now you open your eyes and you've got a body and you've got limitations in this 3d realm.


But the truth is your mind is way beyond. It is everything. It's one with everything that is your true consciousness. So your imagination is representing true consciousness. And so they ask, and the question always remains what comes first? The chicken or the egg and science is neither. The observer comes first. The truth is in the eye of the beholder. And you are the truth. You know, I, Albert isscience said science without religion is lame religion without science is blind. And so I say, spirituality with materialism is a shame. So we're here to really know the truth of who we are, claim our birthright of prosperity and also have fun in this realm. And, um, I don't believe in materialism, that is reckless. I believe in materialism that we invent and we reuse and we recycle, you know, we have inventions now that can take care of, of pollution and it's all being implemented.


And so I truly believe that as we go down this path, people will use their energy for insanity and to destroy the earth, but you can also use it to create amazing things and be responsible in that creation. There is an undeniable correlation, direct relationship between human consciousness and material matter. That's the fact that I don't care if you're a scientist, a spiritualist, it doesn't matter. There is an undeniable correlation and direct relationship between consciousness and material belongings material matter. Enlightenment cannot be taught. It must be experienced. Okay. So remember that consciousness, that awakening is a process of expanding consciousness to the point that the truth of the universe begin to stream in. And so if you're feeling sad, if you're feeling, um, you know, lonely, if you're feeling anxiety, if you're feeling sadness, this is all because the consciousness is, is squeezed in limited thinking and you're feeling divided to go from divided to divine.


We have to expand the consciousness. We have to become one. And in that we experience our allness. And so for me personally, I do, I go into meditation and I can feel warm with everything. And loneliness is not even, um, it's not even a concept in there, but when we come back into the human realm, we will always feel somewhat divided. And we have to know that this is what spirit, our higher self is desiring for us. And that is why I created soul society. That's why I believe that we have to have community that it's fine to just bliss out in meditation, but we're here to have a human experience. And so we will always not feel enough. We will always feel divided. We will always feel that at some extent in this human realm, and that is spirit desiring for us to create what is true spiritually.


And what is true is spiritually is we are all connected as one. And therefore we have to create something where we all are. One in the 3d realm, hence community, hence collaboration, hence partnership, hence love and connection. And so on that note, I'm just knowing today is a day to really look at your consciousness, to become aware, to know that you can expand your consciousness. You can experience your greatness. You can experience you as the all-knowing powerful spiritual being that you already are. And so on this note, the law of the day is the law of creation. Life is being created from spirit, your higher self. Right now, this Axiom is the first cause and made it's the mode of operation of how the creative process of the universe works. It is the unfoldment of thought through universal law into form. This law is based upon the primary Axiom of spirituality, which is the reality that life is created from spirit.


Your higher self spirit manifests itself in and through all creation, but is not absorbed by its creation. The manifest universe is the body of spirit. This is the creative principle that works for everyone equally. And so today the challenge is, and the daily spiritual practice is to begin to see life as a mirror, begin to observe the possibility that all of life is the out picturing and the coincidence of your individual consciousness, which is also the collective consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. So focus on three things today that you see the miracle of. So anywhere there may be an issue where you're like, how can this circumstance be something I can focus on as a miracle? There is always a lesson or a blessing begin to focus on that. And I promise the shift will begin to happen and also begin to co-create with the universe and have fun playing this divine game called life. So with the, I just exhale out, knowing today is a beautiful day. Do what you love, expand your consciousness, and all else will be amazing. Live your truth.