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Feels like a prayer

Thank you Erin for showing women everywhere that leading from love always is only empowering. This podcast has been instrumental in helping me on my way to millions while always staying in integrity and never compromising my alignment. So grateful 😇 💰🙏

You have to listen!

The most amazing resource


Dr. Erin’s podcast is incredibly moving. The stories, lessons, and conversations are not only fascinating, but transformative. I would highly recommend this show to anyone looking to continue expanding their mind.


Love the podcast! Dr. Erin is a leader in spiritual practice. The principles that she teaches are absolutely incredible! She does an amazing job at breaking down complex work into digestible lessons. So grateful!

Great inspiration

Love Dr Erin’s podcasts, its always a great inspiration and motivation to keep working on the inner trauma. She is an expert when it comes to trauma work. I’ve tried her 4 step method and was able to release some old patterns.

Loving the podcasts

I am loving the weekly podcasts! What a gift to have this consciousness and community in this extraordinary time in the world. Happy 50th birthday Dr. Erin!

Inspirational leader

At chance meeting at our Center for Spiritual living in Fort Lauderdale. Her presence grabbed my soul. Her work has and continues to touch my heart and soul. Listening to her teachings and self empowered truth support one in seeing , honoring your own potential. In gratitude. Thank you , Michael Gough.

This work is life changing!

So grateful for Dr E and her wisdom. The community is so special and her modalities have up leveled my life and my coaching practice. Forever grateful.

Best podcast in the spiritual realm

I absolutely love the money mindset series. I actually love them all but that resonated with me currently. Love Dr. Erin so so much!

Purely Divine!!

I love Dr Erin is purely divine!! She shares her brilliance and genius of teaching about spirituality, the importance of healing and clearing your trauma from your consciousness mind! Masterfully teaches on The Universal Laws, along with business mastery this podcast is the gold standard of spiritual mastery along with business mastery for spiritual soul-prenuers!

Highly recommend!

Dr. Erin is genuinely sharing her wisdom on spirituality and entrepreneurship as well as many other helpful topics! This is the podcast you're looking for if you want to have a breakthrough in your life!

Love the strong spiritual emphasis that this podcast brings

Erin does an amazing job of breaking down complex spiritual principles into digestible, practical guidance that you can apply right away. Felicia Searcy


This podcast is absolutely amazing and truly speaks to anyone who is feeling stuck in what to do with their life! Dr. Erin is genuine, authentic and fully speaking her souls truth! She is like no other mentor I've ever been around!💜 Her E4 trauma method has truly transformed my life!!

Absolutely amazing!!!!

This podcast never stops answering questions. Her delivery and explications are second to none. I am so happy I found this. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community. I look forward to future episodes!!! I am binging!!! Hope more do the same!

Game changing wisdom

I have been listening to this podcast fir over a year now religiously. The pearls of wisdom and the sighting of other GREAT teachers Dr. Erin give in her podcast and work is mind blowing. It’s a great part of my week to catch up on the latest episode and when I in need of knowledge I go back and catch up on older episodes. Her wisdom is timeless, a true great living truth teacher of todays world. Thank you for your dedication to this podcast!!!

So much Truth and wisdom!!

I’m loving the episodes about your interpretation of the Bible, Dr. Erin! I grew up Christian and have since then changed course on my spiritual journey, but these interpretations make soooo much more sense than the ones I was taught growing up... I would love to hear your take on the story of Abraham and Isaac if you’re planning to continue this series! 😁 Paradigm shattering podcast, eye-opening wisdom, and so many tools that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life!! Thank you so much for speaking your Truth, that we may all know ours. 🙏🏽

Every episode has many nuggets

I’ve been binge watching since I discovered your content! It’s pushing me outside my comfort zone and finally breaking through some limiting beliefs! Your voice is really soothing and I love the knowledge and life hacks I’m learning here!!


Wow, I have to credit so much of my personal growth and transformation into becoming a being of love and light. This podcast breaks spirituality down in a realistic way and will change your life

The most addictive life changing podcast!

From the first podcast a friend sent me, I knew Dr. Erin was offering something really unique. The E-4 trauma work and soulciete community is the most transformative work I have experienced in my 30 years of a spiritual quest seeking peace within, to know my purpose and the reason for our existence. If you are ready to journey into knowing and loving who you are and discovering gifts you didn't dream you could have or be, keep listening. Dr. Erin is direct and to the point, relatable, humble, loving and generous with her messages.

Dr. Erin is very insightful.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Erin’s “Money Breakthrough” and I can say she knows her stuff. I’m also happy to hear that’s she’s applied all of her teaching with her own experiences and they are very refreshing. She brings up ideals that I tend to forget from time to time, and it feels good to get centered with her podcast. Listen to them in the morning, they’re a great way to start your day!

Awesome podcast!

Dr. Erin, host of the Spiritual Awakening podcast, highlights all aspects of spirituality, motivation and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Soul Mastery Right Here!!

If you want to step into your soul’s purpose and level up every area of your life, this podcast is a must! Dr. Erin speaks absolute truth in every episode. Definitely subscribe and get ready to binge!


Simply listening to this podcast can change your life. Dr. Erin is the real deal. Her work is inspirational, motivational and transformative.

Life Changing

Exactly what I have been searching for! The content of this podcast is powerful, enlightening and life changing. Thank you, Dr. Erin, for giving me what I needed to work through subconscious blocks. I feel amazing!

Money Breakthrough

Dr Erin I absolutely love the money breakthrough series I keep listening to it over and over again. So excited for next week Episode! The 1st Episode of the money breakthrough has to be one of my favorite podcast you have done! ❤️ Thank you for being transparent about your life it helping me with my money limited beliefs 💕


I came across Dr. Erin exactly when I needed to hear her. I had decided a while back I am going to become a spiritual coach (I’ve been journaling for years.) Recently I took on a sales job which is a great opportunity but I INSTANTLY felt in my gut this is not what I’m supposed to be doing. My old paradigms made me think that the only way to be successful. During my cry sessions over the feeling of not stepping into my purpose I came across Dr. Erin on Instagram and SHE JUST REAFFIRMS IN ME SOMETHING I AM FEELING AT A SOUL LEVEL, I can’t wait to continue my journey learning from Dr. Erin. I want to become a Dr. Divinity and help impact the world.

The Easiest Way To Awakening! 🙌❤️

I love this podcast, it’s concise and at the same time packed with valuable, empowering and awakening content! Dr. Erin always speaks to my pain points, bringing them to the surface, so I can process, neutralize and release them. Every episode is very unique, inspiring and transformative! Can’t say enough how much I’m grateful for discovering this podcast! ❤️🙌❤️🙌❤️🙌

Thank You

These podcasts always seem to reach me at the right time. Thank you for contributing to my life & journey 🙏🏼


I love this podcast. The episodes are short but powerful and always actionable. Life changing. Thanks so much, dr Erin!

Love Dr Erin's teachings

These podcast are a great way to continue to learn from Dr Erin. After reading her book (in which changed my life) had such a hunger to hear her teaching. These podcast and any of her words help me grow in no way I have ever felt. Can never thank Dr Erin enough for how she has helped me grow.