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Level 1 Spiritual Psychology Practitioner Coach & E4 Apprentice

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  • 12 Module - Spiritual Psychology Practitioner Coach & E4 Quantum Healing & Manifesting Foundations Training
  • 12 E4 Trauma Method® Case Study Sessions
  • BONUS: Discover Your Purpose & Leave Your Legacy Retreat Course
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: 10 Module Money Breakthrough Program 
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Master Spiritual Psychology Practitioner Testimonials

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I made $33k the first week of my launch. Erin Fall Haskell is nothing short of a miracle worker. My experience with Erin unlocked many answers for me in my life purpose, my relationship with myself and my business. She’s an absolute superstar. If you get the opportunity to work with this woman - seriously, realize that the reason you are in front of each other is that it’s Divine timing and meant for you, and also, run with it. You will cherish the time you spend together. It's aligned, it’s a no brainer! Just do it.


I, literally, feel like a different person since I started working with Dr. Erin. I had been looking for someone like Dr. Erin for a really long time. I had done tons of spiritual work, working with other spiritual coaches before working with her, but it wasn’t until working with her that I found my true purpose and calling.


In one month I have generated $32k in sales. I realize I was missing ONE thing in my business and it was incorporating subconscious spirituality. It was tapping into my subconscious. I was scaling fast, but there was something holding me back and it was learning more about my subconscious. As a result, in only one month I have generated $32k in sales. More than the income, I am making a real impact. I am incorporating spirituality as the foundation in my business and it has tremendously helped my own clients get amazing results. Erin was my missing link to scale.


Took a quantum leap out of my 8-5 pm job. Got my first clients. Hired my first personal assistant. Living my dream life.


I had been trying to launch my own business for the past 3 years. I had a huge block which seemed to be some pretty big fears that I just couldn’t seem to push through. Literally, the day that I joined Soulciete… I felt something shift. I received an e4 session and truly let a huge block that was holding me back go! I launched my group coaching business... I HAD 10 WOMEN SIGNED UP!!!! I figured out the numbers and so far this year, I have made $30, 267… which pans out to 10k months, every month since I joined.