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Oct. 6, 2018




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INTRO: Good Morning from Los Angeles, Each morning we come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principle, and align with universal law. Together, we are waking up the world!


DAILY INSPIRATION: The moment you assign money as being more powerful than you is the moment you will experience feeling disempowered in the realm of money. You are a powerful spiritual being. The moment you even consider yourself to be a certain identity you set an entire stream of energetic polarities into motion.


Story: Working with a woman we began to go back into revery. She did a rundown of where she went into all the times she handed her power over to money. It affected her dating. It affected her dating and love. It affected her creative expression. She had taken a job that she didn’t like just because it paid 10% more. She ate terrible food because it saved her money.


The difference between not respecting money and handing your power over to money.


DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with LAW OF MENTALISM: There is a Divine source and intelligence inherent in all of life. It establishes and regulates the phenomenon of how elemental forms of matter relate. This law dictates the chemistry, biology, and science of the mechanics of this world. This natural design brings structure and standardization to create in a context of organization.

DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Practice remembering that the source of all money is from within. All money is created from the innovative factor within.


DAILY CHALLENGE: Contemplate these questions:  Where in life have you handed your power over to money?





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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

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Welcome to the Dr. Aaron show. May you live your truth?


Good morning from Los Angeles. We come together each morning to know the truth, to live on spiritual principle and to align with universal law. Today, we are gonna talk about money, take back your power. Are you ready to do this thing? Let's take a deep breath altogether. You are such a powerful spiritual beam. The moment you assign money as being more powerful in you is the moment you will experience feeling disempowered in the realm of money. You are a powerful, powerful, spiritual being. The moment you even consider yourself to be a certain identity around money. You set an entire stream of energetic polarities into motion. This is the metaphysics of money. All of life is a relationship, and there's a relationship with yourself. There's a relationship with other people. There's a relationship to things. There's a relationship to all ounces of life. Money is simply an out-picturing.


It's a symbol of your relationship with self-worth with the relationship with others. Did you know that money is not backed by anything? It is literally paper. You know, when money came about originally, it was backed by gold money. Today is not backed by anything. It simply is an agreement as a collective culture that we've agreed upon to exchange value. It's not worth anything. So today I wanna know the truth with you, and I wanna take back your power around money. So the other night we had this beautiful, beautiful event, downtown Los Angeles at row downtown LA with a monthly event right now that's called self love lessons. And this last one was with Natalie, uh, Ellis from boss, babe. She's the CEO of boss, babe. So I invite different influencers in and I give a, a talk and an inspiration and really know the truth for everyone.


And then we break off into groups. We have Q and a, we do a workshop it's really powerful evening. So this last, um, one we did on money and, uh, it was beautiful evening, about a hundred plus women showed up and we did a bunch of different things. Women were crying, women had breakthroughs, all kinds of stuff. And for me, I think the most powerful part of the night was when we went through a process around money, around how they had handed their power over to money in the realm of their relationships, in the realm of their health, in the realm of, of course their career and creative expression, the four legs of life, cuz that's what we always go over. And one woman stood up and um, was just talking about how she'd handed her life over to money in the realm of her relationships.


And this is a common theme I can relate to so many men and women can relate to this, that we oftentimes will hand our money, our, excuse me, our power over to money in the realm relationship, we will actually be in relationship because of fear of loss of money, or we wanna be in it for the lifestyle or we want comfort or we want security or whatever that is that we hand over. So often in the realm of money and this woman started crying and, and I, this has happened so many times so many clients. And so it's a common denominator just knowing that, you know, getting the impact. And so I invite you to ask yourself, you know, are you in a relationship and having the decisions around that because of money. And if that's the case, you know, begin to con contemplate the regrets you're gonna have on your deathbed, that you didn't love fully, that you didn't allow yourself to not rely on somebody else around money or not rely on staying something because of money or make decisions based off of thinking that PA that money is more powerful than you.


And so, you know, we also went into the realm of health and how many of us have, you know, eat crappy food because we save, you know, a dollar here, a dollar there, right? I I've done it my whole life, you know, till you finally get sick enough and realize, I love myself too much to harm myself by not having great, amazing food in my life and deciding that I'm no longer gonna hand my health and my wellbeing and my vitality, just because of money. And we get into that. You know, so many people in the room and with clients have handed their life over to money in the realm of their career, you know, asking yourself and, and with a show of hands in that room, like how many people have jobs that they do just because of money, not because it's something they, they, they creatively chose and power powerfully into their life to live a life that they love.


And so I invite you to ask yourself today, you know, are you in a dead end job or did you just take a, a different job just because a little bit more pay. And so knowing today with certainty, that there's a few steps that we have to do, right? We have to number one, wake up. We have to see where we've handed our power over to money, where we've handed our lives over thinking that money's more powerful than us. And then we have to reprogram, you know, releasing all those limiting beliefs, releasing our story around money, releasing all of that and aligning with universal law, knowing that we have to decide, we have to decide and command the subconscious and know that we can do this. We may not know how right now, but we can decide, then we can get help. Then we get support groups and we can get mentors and coaches and read books and whatever that is, go back to school, whatever that is for you, that today you get to decide, you get to decide and take your power back around money.


And then we get to align, align. Knowing that each day we get to go in mind and, and know the truth, that there is a law of compensation. There's a law of mentalism, there's all these laws to align with knowing that everything you're experiencing in the realm of money is always has a mentally equivalent. That what you believe in mind has to out picture in your money, in your relationship, in all areas around it. And so today I just want to invite you to take a look at money. And there is a difference between not respecting money versus handing your power over to money. We don't want you to just go, oh, I'm gonna just pretend like I'm more powerful of money and I'm gonna go charge up money or go buy things frivolously or whatever. That's not. We want you to respect money. We want you to have a relationship with money and know that this is a give and take that there's an exchange of energy here.


Okay. And then begin to align with the law of mentalism today. We remember the law of mentalism, which is basically that everything is the mentally equivalent. This entire universe is a mental universe that there is that what we have in mind basically informs the law. And it comes out in these things, these demonstrations, these manifestations, okay. And then today your daily spiritual practice is to practice remembering, remember that the source of all money is from within the source of money is from you. It's the creative factor. It's that innovation, the people that are wealthy did not. There's nothing in getting money. You can't do anything with actual, if you just had money, you can't keep that and have anything. You've gotta exchange it and give it back and purchase things and innovate things and, and implement things and have relationships and build teams and all that above.


And so on that note, today's challenge is to contemplate, to contemplate. Where in life have you handed your power over to money? What meaning have you put around money? What story do you place around your relationship with money? What identity do you have around money? Right. So what do you believe yourself to be? Oftentimes people say, well, I'm just not good with money. Oh. And so it is the universe says, right? Oh, you know, I just I'm. I just, I, I think money's, you know, the root of all evil. Okay. And then, so it is, you know, and you just have to look at yourself. Where is your relationship? What is your identity? Knowing that all spiritual awakening, all inner work is an identity shift. So as you shift your identity of who you are in the realm of money, then instantaneously, the entire universe has to respond through that polarity.


And so I know, again, the truth is that you are such a powerful, spiritual being that the moment you assign money, more powerful than you, you will experience yourself being disempowered in the realm of money that you are worth more than all the goal, all the money, everything that source within you is so abundant that as you tap in there, as you go within, all things are given, as you seek the kingdom of heaven, all things are given onto, you know, that live, that love, that truth, truth sets you free. And so I know today you have a unique divine expression when it comes to money, only you get to say what you truly need, what you don't need, what your gifts are to give to the world and how you wanna exchange and be in the realm of the relationship of the exchange of energy. Knowing that money is simply a symbol of your consciousness inform. It has to reflect back to you, have a wonderful day and may live your truth.


Thanks again, for tuning in to Dr. Aaron, I'd like to take a moment to invite you to write a review on iTunes for the podcast. Also, I have a free gift for you, 30 guided meditations, which you can find at Dr., which is www Dr. Also on there, you can find me daily live with inspiring and positive news and weekly meetups. We also hold quarterly masterminds, very, very powerful programs for you guys. You can also find my free digital masterclass with the purchase of my book, which is the international bestseller awakening, which is a 40 day guide to unleashing your spiritual powers, life, purpose, and manifest in your dreams. You can find many in more courses, um, at Dr., have a wonderful day. Thanks again. And may you live your truth?