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May 16, 2021

Money Breakthrough: Supply & Demand [8 of 12 Series]

Money Breakthrough: Supply & Demand [8 of 12 Series]

Demand a life you love!

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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.” 

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This is


Live from Los Angeles. Welcome to the Dr. Aaron show. We're all about manifestation transformation and breakthroughs. It's time to claim your birthright of prosperity, vitality and love. So grab your tea coffee, because together we're awakening the world. May you live your truth?


Live from Los Angeles. We come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with the universal law. We truly believe when somebody awakens, you have a gift and message to bring to the world and together we're awakened in the world. We are the mission of awakening, a billion people. And how I know we are fulfilling upon that mission is by developing world renowned, spiritual entrepreneurs, spiritual coaches, spiritual practitioner, law of attraction, and doctors of divinity, helping all of us come out to the world with our voice, with our message, helping bring truth and helping people thrive on this amazing planet that we have right here right now. So let's do this thing. If you are interested in money, money, breakthrough today's podcast is for you. Uh, today is all about supply and demand, which is one of the basic principles E economics of monetization, and also understanding how we're creating, how we're manifesting, how we are calling upon universal law to create and demonstrate specifically what we want to experience.


So let's break this on down. This is number eight of a 12 series of money breakthrough. You definitely wanna listen to this podcast, put everything down, put it away, get your notes out. This is going to change your life. Change your business, change the way you take a look at what's going on in the world right now and change the way you're gonna begin to market and monetize and help people deliver them the life that they truly desire their dreams. Okay, so let's do the thing. So supply and demand, uh, it's interesting because we teach in universal law that there's a law of supply and demand. And what the demand is, is the demand is the part of ourselves that we demand upon our subconscious mind. That is one with a subjective mind, and we call upon this, right? It's how we've created the fifth finger, right?


It's we demanded it by what we needed, right. We needed it. And there's a life force, an unlimited resource for an unlimited energy. And so we understand this principle, but let's break this on down from a perspective of business. How does this work? Exactly. So in economics, basic principle, if you went to any business school, you learn the law of supply and demand that everything is really about what people need and the supply and demand around it. There's a great book that's called clipper ship. And it basically talks a lot about there was these ships and they're called clipper ships. And it was during the gold rush. Um, when the gold rush was coming on. And basically there was items that on the west coast, primarily in San Francisco, the people that were, you know, finding gold, if you will, they had certain things, they needed, they needed jeans, they needed pickets, they needed shovels, they needed all these things they're they needed these things to make money.


So they were willing to pay big money for these things to make more money. So they built these clipper ships because on the east coast, they basically had, um, they had, they had those items, they were able to make those things. They were running out of them on the west coast. So what they did is they got all the jeans, all the shovels, all the picks, all the things they needed for the gold rush on the east coast. And they would put them on these ships and they would port them across, uh, the north all the way around and, and to San Francisco. And there was probably something like a 1500, 1500% markup from what they would buy on the east coast to what they were able to sell it on the west coast. And to point is that, is that there's a supply and demand, right?


What will you pay for something that you truly need if you'll probably pay more for it than something that you don't really need? So we have to understand the same concept when it comes to supply and demand of, of what's happening in the world. And we recognize there's only one cause which is spirit, which is our true self. And we get to use it to either create the supply and demand of helping people bring more harmony in their life, helping them fulfill their dreams, or, you know, basically creating heaven on earth or we can invert it. And we can really create the supply and demand to create hell on earth and manipulate people and create, you know, a discord, if you will, it's all the same use of the law, but it really is truly the same principle of supply and demand. So I don't wanna get too political today, but I do want have to have people understand, um, why people are kind of, um, having, you know, fear around an agenda around what's happening on with the pandemic and with the vaccine.


Okay. And I'm not for, or against it. Okay. I'm gonna keep a neutral on it. And I believe that each individual gets to make their own decision. But the point is is that some people are stating that there is an agenda that they they're able to put the demand up for a vaccine by making it, uh, more fear in the news and everything else to create the demand. And the people that are in charge of the supply of the vaccines are being scrutinized and looked at to wonder if they had this agenda. And so big corporations are take, uh, you know, people take a look at them, how much are they actually authentic and transparent in what their, you know, supply and demand is versus how much are they manipulating the marketplace to, to have that demand. So those supply, so everything goes up in price, right?


So it's a really important, important conversation. It's an important conversation. And the reason why is because you can take a look at it from all perspectives, obviously, as I develop soul entrepreneurs and people that truly desire to make a difference in a good way, they wanna help people fulfill their dreams. They wanna bring truth. They wanna in discord, they wanna help them transform the trauma and so on and so forth. But what I find a lot with a lot of the spiritual, um, industry and, and people that are really in this, in this field is there's some naive team. There is, there's not understanding the basics of life. For example, they will, they will say, for example, I'm gonna help people, um, you know, feel better or I'm gonna help them get more enlightened or I'm gonna have them. Um, you know, I wanna have them feel less overwhelmed and it's very ethereal.


It's very like broad in what, what they're actually, why would somebody buy that? Right? Generally, yes, we think, well, I would buy feeling better or I would buy not being as confused or whatever, but it's not tangible enough for people. The demand comes when you realize that you have to have something, right. If you're gonna do say you're gonna transform your trauma just to feel better. It's one thing. But it's another thing to say, look, understanding that if, if someone doesn't do their trauma work, if they don't do their inner work, what's the reality. The reality is they're not gonna be able to, they're not gonna be able to make and sustain the relationships that are gonna have them have a, a good fulfilled life. They're not gonna be able to make the money at the level that they need to. They're not gonna be their expression out in the world.


Their life is going to not add up to what they truly desire in life. So when you put it in that perspective of what it means to do your trauma work, what it means to do your spiritual work, what it means to do your subconscious reprogramming. And you really realize what the reality of it. Like if you don't do this, let's take a look at if you did do your inner work, or if you didn't do your inner work, it's a huge, dramatic difference of the quality of someone's life. Huge dramatic. How much, how many hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars does it cost you to not do your inner work? Because you're not gonna be as able cuz you're not going to be able to, to, you know, be consistent in your life. You're not gonna be able to run a company. You're not gonna be able to show up to your clients cuz you're hot mess.


Right. You know, I've been there. Trust me. Okay. So what's what is it worth to do your trauma work? What's it worth to do your inner work? What's it worth to do your subconscious programing? Let me tell you, it should be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when you take a look at what is actually worth. And so that is what's called juxtaposition. That's, what's called having a supply and demand. Real having people realize through, you know, through your, for your copy, through your social media, through your emails, through your ads, what is the result? And what's the cost. If they don't do something, right? This is building the supply and demand. This is building, having someone realize the value of something. Okay. Cuz supply and demand is all about the value and value is relative value is relative. Okay. And a good example of this is say, um, gasoline, okay.


Gasoline, for example will go up and down according to the demand, the supply and demand and there's things in the economics. There's things of when people are driving more there's things that drive these prices because the supply, the demand is goes higher, right? That drives prices up. And that also has the, the people that are creating the fuel, like the gasoline, they wanna produce it more. And so it's like you level it out. You wanna bring it into that equilibrium. So it's the same thing, whether you're a sole entrepreneur or not, it's not about manipulating it, but it's about really getting that part of our job is to one of our most important jobs is to help people get committed to their own dreams. That's probably one of our biggest jobs as entrepreneurs is helping our clients get committed, demanding upon themselves and the universal law that their dreams like they demand their dreams through reality, they demand.


And this is a law of demand. This is a law of a why emergent evolution happened, why we created the fifth figure it's because we fricking demanded it. We had to, we had to survive. And so part of our job in even, you know, selling with soul and really truly wanting to have service in someone's life is to demand, to have them realize and, and get clear that they are worthy. They're worthy of their goals. They're worthy of, of fulfilling their life. They're worthy of doing their inner work. They're worthy of bringing their message and doing what they love as a career. And when they get that, the demand becomes so great that they are willing to pay for something that they may have not seen it. They may not have perceived it as something that was absolutely they demand in their life. Okay. So we have to understand that it all works.


It all is supply and demand. How we use that supply and demand depends on if we're creating harmony or discord, right. We would never want a client to join one of our programs or work with us one on one, or join a membership or do anything. But wasn't in their highest good. That would be manipulative. That would not be good. Okay. But if you truly, truly believe that what you have and what transformation you can help someone go through and what your services are, will benefit and help them fulfill. There's a match of what they need and what you have then. Absolutely. But what I see over and over again with spiritually based entrepreneurs, spiritually based, you know, coaches and things is they're not getting that. They have to create the demand for their client because it's so ethereal it's so they have to get the results.


What is the result? What is your promise? What is your promise as a spiritual entrepreneur? What's your promise as a coach? What results are you going to be able to say, I can get this for somebody. If they apply everything I do, then this is my promise. And I always say that over again. If you apply everything that I teach you within society, and you're not getting results, then you have me for life. I can't help. But if you don't apply the principles, if you don't apply and, and implement things, that's on you boo. Right. But what is it that you can truly promise? Right? So again, supply and demand. It's very simple.


So in this, I recognize that businesses and in particular, large corporations, this is actually something. I actually copied this from a video I was watching about supply and demand that says businesses. And in particular, large corporations are often villainized as greedy heartless institution that take advantage of consumers. But if markets are transparent and buyers are free to choose, then businesses will have a hard time taking advantage. So this is the deal. We cannot look to the corporations to have ethics because some of them do. And some of them don't, the power is in the people and it is up to each and every one of us to do our due diligence, to discover if we want to buy that product or not. Because if, guess what, we're the, we have the power you guys, if we don't buy things from a corporation, we don't like they go to business.


So don't keep pointing the finger at the corporation, point your finger at yourself, where are you spending your money? And that is what we have to take a look at for the money breakthrough. The money breakthrough comes down to one thing. And one thing only knowing the truth of who you are, you are abundant. You are innovation. You are the law of supply and demand. You are that which says there's a surplus of this or a shortage of this. You are the one that gets to decide where you spend your money. You are the one. So the power RS in the people. So today, as we know the truth of money breakthrough, the truth is that you are able to create the supply and demand by how you perceive things, by how you help others perceive things. You are able to generate exponentially by the power of consciousness.


Robert COER in the secret of the ages, stated the first principle success is desire, knowing what you want. And that is what we do as spiritual entrepreneurs and spiritual coaches are greatest thing is to help our clients realize what it is that they truly desire and then help 'em get what they want. Desire is the planting of the sea within your heart and soul. And I know that any desire that you truly have would not be planted there if it was not only a possibility, but was already a potential in the universe. If money was of no issue, what would you do? And what would, how do you spend your time understanding that as you demand it, the, the divine principle that everything is created from reality, that you have survived, morphed and evolved by the, the principle of demand you yourself would never be here.


This body would not evolve. You would not have the fifth finger. If it weren't for that part of yourself, that said, I demand, I demand to have money. This is mine saying that I am ready. I am ready right now to have money. And I demand it. I demand to have the life that I deserve. I Des I demand to have support. I demand to have a beautiful place for me to grow and thrive. I demand. And in that there's a demand of supply and demand. And in this right now, in this, in this moment for myself, I demand that I demand because I give so much to the world. I give so much to my clients. I give so much to our community. I demand right here to the most amazing, extraordinary team, to have a beautiful, you know, space for the company, beautiful, everything, because I demand it.


I know who I am, and I know what I demand for myself. And the life force is me and this unlimited resource, unlimited energy unlimited life. I say right now, right here, I demand. And I know all supply is already given as together we say. And so it is okay, you guys, so I want you to practice demanding. What is it that you demand to have a breakthrough and money around? What are you ready to claim for yourself in the realm of exponential abundance and prosperity that is in with you right now and how that app out pictures into your life. So I'm so excited. I love this conversation so good. Know that everything comes down to supply and demand, but you are the one that has to demand it. And on that notice, just say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for anybody that just, uh, came to this last VIP, um, uh, workshop I had.


What was it? Um, yesterday, um, and this, this podcast is gonna come out next week. We had the best time. It was amazing. Uh, beautiful. We had, um, I think over a hundred people, I think 140 people registered. We have about, um, 90 people at the actual event. Some people watched replay and whatever it was, six hours we spent together. We, we, the amount of, of clarity, the amount of transformation, the amount of, um, of lies being shifted. This is what we do. It's amazing. We're so blessed. And I just wanna say also, thank you for everybody that came to the retreat, which was the fall, the previous week. Also, we had two days of incredible transformation, which was game changing for me because I actually, um, am going to be, um, shifting the entire company of how I actually teach in more chunks and immersive times with you guys.


And I'm super excited for that. We'll still have weekly things, still have weekly support calls, everything, but I'm still gonna teach, um, more an immersive, um, chunk like that. So that can really get diving deep for people. So if you are somebody who is ready to demand, uh, more abundance and prosperity in your life and money, then I would tell you definitely to come and check out soul definitely get involved. Definitely, uh, get, get a part of the community, join leadership, or get, uh, certified as a spiritual coach practitioner or whatever. Um, I know that we have an incredible, incredible community, incredible programs. Um, you can also grab some freebies off of, uh, my biolink on Instagram, across all board. I'm Dr., D R E R I And this is whenever sure. May you live your truth? May you be set free and may you demand every last drop of what you really are here to claim the best life, the best you add together? We say. And so it is


Thank you for tuning in society and Dr. Aaron podcast. If you've had a call to be a spiritual leader or coach, you can go to soul and check out our free training. If you receive value here, I would love it. If you take a moment and give a five star review in exchange, I have a ton of free gifts for you. Grab your free awakening book, 40 guided meditations and digital manifesting masterclass. I also have a free money meditation and worksheet for you. So you can begin to break through your scarcity mindset and claim your birthright of prosperity. You can get all of your gifts and learn about our upcoming transformational events in my biolink in both Instagram and Facebook. That's under Dr., which is D R E R I Also, I'd love to invite you into our free private community on Facebook, under groups called society. That is That's S O U L C I E T E. Have a divine day. And may you live your truth?