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Dec. 8, 2019



Truth Triangle: Birth your power, passion, and purpose!

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Live Your Truth...

Join me in this 12-week series to birthing your power, passion, and purpose. 


Truth Triangle:


Power: Birth your true identity as a powerful spiritual being. 


Passion: Birth your unique truth and deepest passions. 


Purpose: Birth your calling by turning your suffering into triumphs. 

Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.” 

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To society, the shift to the movement. So you did full truth.


Live from Los Angeles is Dr. Aaron, Dr. Divinity. We come together each day to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law. We also come together as a community in soul society. We're committed to being the number one spiritual leaders community. And that doesn't mean traditional spiritual leaders that are writing books and on stage necessary. We truly believe that spiritual leaders can be the mom, the person that is, you know, being the best version of themselves. It can be someone who is in a traditional corporate job. It can be whatever. Yes. We also train spiritual leaders in a certification program who truly desire to embody this particular work and take this out to the world in their unique expression, but would truly also believe that spiritual leaders at every single one of us is the future spiritual leader, because when you're have done your work, when you live and breathe, your truth, every single person you come in contact, you will impact.


You'll be impressed. Trust me. Okay, so let's do this thing. So we are on, um, the truth, triangle living your truth. This is a series of 12. Um, we are on the second side of a triangle dealing with passion. So the truth triangle, just to give you a little back, uh, work on this, because if you haven't listened to the other podcast through other podcast, we've gone through the truth triangle. And this is really about birthing your true power. The truth of who you are really, this is you are an all-knowing powerful spiritual beam. And the second side of the triangle is birthing your specific truth, which is really your passion. What works for you? What doesn't work for you, where are you in alignment with life and where do you need to put the boundaries on people, places, and things to live that truth.


The third side of the triangle is birthing your purpose, which is about understanding that all your trials, all your tribulations, all the suffering that you've gone through has served you. You've chosen that at a soul level to be, to birth your purpose and calling in this lifetime. And so living your truth, this series is really about giving you the tools to understand what it means to know th self, what it means to birth your truth, and most importantly, what it means to live your truth. And so that's what we are up to in this. We are on number nine of 12, we are doing what is called values, commitments, and alignment. It's super important. If you wanna live your truth, you have gotta know what your core values are and what you're really committed to and how to align with those, right? So in today's podcast, I'm gonna take you through this.


So what I highly highly highly recommend is for you to get a pen and paper out, turn off the distractions, you know, just really take a couple deep breaths in and just begin to know and get clear right here that your mind is powerful. That as you direct your mind, you inform energy and inform energy goes onto the universal law, which is your subconscious, the subjective mind, which basically reflects back life is the ultimate mirror of what's going on in your consciousness. So if you don't even know what you want to direct, you, haven't got clear of what your core values are, what you're truly committed to or aligning to that. Energy's gonna just go all over the place and you're gonna feel the chaos. You're gonna feel the overwhelm because you have not directed it with clarity, with certainty, with passion. So let's do this stuff.


You guys, we truly believe as a community and society that every single person has a gift and message to bring to the world when they awaken. And our mission is to awaken a billion people globally, and how we're doing that is again by developing world class spiritual leaders. So let's dive into this. Okay. So, you know, I've worked with, um, celebrities, CEOs, single moms, and then most importantly, spiritual coaches and spiritual leaders, developing spiritual leaders for years and years now. And there's very common things that I come upon within each session. And that's why I decided to create society, to put all the work into group sessions and into automated systems, because, you know, I just found that I'm doing the same work over and over again. So people might as well just have this. And then if they wanna work in a group or one on one with me, they can, okay.


So getting clear of your values is one of the core things that has had my clients break through and live extraordinary lives and live lives that they love in power with certainty, with passion, with purpose. Okay. So the number one thing that holds most people back from success is in their personal life and their professional life is of course their limiting beliefs. This has to do with the trauma work and getting into their core, core decisions that they made in traumatic incidences in this lifetime and past lifetimes. Okay. So before you do this process, you've gotta go back to, um, I think it's day four of the 12 series, and really understand the trauma and understand how you've got to neutralize your trauma, spot, those limiting beliefs and bring them up from a subconscious. Okay. So, but today we're gonna talk about the next thing that hinders most people from success is being at alignment with their core values.


And this is like, duh. Okay. One of the questions I always ask people is if you want, if you won the lottery tomorrow, let's just pretend you won 20 million in the lottery. Would you be doing what you're doing? Would you be doing the line of work you're doing? Would, how would you be spending your days? Are they, is it different than how spend your days today? And of course, you'd be able to buy more material things, but how would you be spending your day, right. And if it's not what you're doing today, you know, obviously some things would change a little bit, but if it's not really what you're doing today in your, in your, your career, and it's not how you're spending your free time, then you got it all wrong. Okay. And for example, people are like, well, what do you mean? I mean, if I had won the lottery, I could, you know, be on a jet and I'd be doing this and that, whatever.


Well, if you'd be adventuring the world, then go adventure. The world, you know, you can meet friends that have a lot of money and hang out with them and do that life. Do whatever it is that you would do if you won the lottery. Well, I might, you know, live in a huge house and I wouldn't be able to afford that now. Well, great. But what would you be doing? Who would you be? Who would you be being, right. We're not talking about, you know, the, the amount of, you know, dollars that you'd be spending that might change, or you can, and you can pull in big material things without actually having to make that money. What would you be doing? I want you to actually take the time after this podcast and write down what would you be doing, because that's gonna determine a lot of your core values, right?


So getting clarity on your core values and commitments is imperative to becoming empowered, aligning with your core values, and commitments is a key to becoming unstoppable in your termism and success. Okay. So oftentimes a lot of times when I get into a one-on-one session with a coach, for example, like teaching many different, um, high level coaching programs, and one of the core things is a common complaint I've had from big coaches is they say, I, you know, I wanted to do this. I left my, you know, traditional job, or I launched this coaching, uh, company. And I thought I would have this laptop lifestyle. I want financial freedom. That's why I did this entire thing. But instead I'm working 24 7 and hustling, and I see no end insight. So again, I asked them, if you won the lottery, you know, would you be doing what you're doing?


And they're like, no, I would, I'd be off like adventuring and taking people on adventures through, um, you know, the Amazon. And I would, you know, do smaller, you know, groups of people and, and experience different things. And dah, dah, da go, well, then do that. You know what I mean? Like, you don't have to do social media. You don't have to do all these things you're doing. You don't have to get, you know, these one-on-ones teaching them about money. If that's not your passion, it's like, oh, I could actually go make a coaching career, going to the Amazon and, and have it be word of mouth and have it be, you know, doing all. So this is the point you guys is it stop living for someday, right? We go over that in my other book awakening. But in this session, we're gonna go of how to get clarity on your core values and commitments, how to align with your core values and commitments.


These are the true questions. You should be asking yourself, what are my core values and what are my core commitments? What am I committed to? And how do I align with my core values? And how do I align with my commitments? It's like amazing that so few people actually ask themselves this. Most people be asking 'em what their core values that they don't even know what their core value is like, what are you talking about? And, you know, there's different types. A lot of this comes back to mythology. You know, I'm a total warrior. So my core value is growth and expansion, right? A lot of the coaches out there that's, they are warriors at heart. There's. Other people are literally, their core value is just love and connection. And they are the supporters a lot. They, they just wanna love and connect, you know, and yes, some of the great leaders are also, um, core values, love, but generally they love, you know, growing in evolution as much, otherwise they wouldn't be as you know, motivated to get out there.


Right? So there are two primary subconscious processes to bur someone's core values and commitments, number one, break down the quandaries and problems in one's life. And so why, why does this help building, you know, discovering your core values, because when you look at the problems in your life and the struggles and the quandaries mean youve you've goals that are going against each other, you can take a look at what those different goals are. Why do you, why are you even doing those things? And then you can get clear of which one is really the core goal. And that is where you discover your core value. Okay. So for example, remember years ago, um, I had a coach that I was coaching and again, one of her, her quandary was I want to, you know, have a laptop life. So I want financial freedom and the other was, but I wanna make a lot of money and pay my bills right now.


Right. So we need to get clear of what is the core value. Yes, the core value. She has a core value of, of becoming financial independent, but her primary core value was to be able to have low stress. And, and, and part of that was, you know, getting clear of taking care and sustaining her life and her family. That was one of the core, core values that she had. Right. So it made it clear that as much as she wants to have freedom and all that she's got to have stability is more of a core value and having the freedom and, and lifestyle, right? Because she could, you know, uproot everything and start traveling around the world and going through a shift in and aligning to that core value. She wasn't willing to do that. So she had to get back to her core value of, of really having her own, you know, taking care of her family.


Another core value is I had a client who wanted to, they, they were in LA because of their purpose and calling, but they felt like it's really expensive in LA. I know for a lot of us, that was since been a quandary for a lot of us. Right. But when he started going into his session, he started realizing that the core value really was to get his mission to the world. And that being in Los Angeles was an alignment with that commitment because of the relationships and the different aspects of Los Angeles that were, that were helping in that process of bringing that mission to the world. And so the problem of overcoming how expensive Los Angeles was went away, basically, cuz he, he was like, get over it, right. It's expensive to fulfill your dreams. Fine. It's a commitment. Right? So getting clear of what you're really committed to oftentimes will take care of problems.


Okay. So even if you have like a girlfriend that's going through quandaries and problems with their relationship, getting clear of what their core values will help them in their decision of whether they should stay, go, how to align, how to communicate and really how to get committed to what their core values are. And it usually takes care of problems. Okay. So again, the two primary subconscious processes that birth someone's core values and commitments are number one, break down the quandaries and problems in one lives. What your life number two is getting clarity on the ideal scene must haves and ideal breakers. Okay. So it's really important for you to get clear of because when you're manifesting, right, when you're, you're directing mind every day in every way, you're directing mind. If you don't know what you want, how the hell you gonna direct universal law and direct it, right?


So you need to get clarity on what is your ideal scene. If you have the magic wand, what is it that you truly desire? Right? So we break this down in the four heirs of life. What is it that you truly desire in the realm of career and money? What is it that you truly desire? If you have a magic wand in relationships and love, what is it? You truly desire in health and wellness and what is it that you truly desire in CR in your creative expression? Now the next one is, must haves. And that means what do you have to, what do you, what do you, what is like, you have to have this. So for example, in my career, I remember years back a coach asking me this, what is your must have in your career? And mine was conscious conversation. I have to have a conscious conversation.


Number one. Right? So what is your must have in relationship maybe your must have in relationship is that they, they don't lie. You know, that they're, that they communicate their they're committed to communicating or that they're committed to, um, getting married. You know, I don't know. That's not everyone's must haves. Right? What are your must haves in the areas of, of money? Money might be, I need to must have is I gotta make, you know, a hundred thousand dollars. That's my must have for another person I must have is 30,000 for the next person. It's seven figures. Right? So what are your must haves in the areas of your life? And then the third is what are your deal breakers, right? So what are the things you're like not willing to put up with in the four years of your life? So for example, in relationship, a lot of deal breakers might be someone who cheats, someone who does drugs, someone, whatever that is, right?


What are those deal breakers. Okay. And we're not gonna, I don't want everyone to think that they're gonna run away from every relationship or run away from every career. Right? But these are things that we're gonna get further into this, of what a deal breakers and how you deal with a deal breaker. Okay? So again, the two primary subconscious processes and birth, your core values is getting clear and working through the problems and quantities that you have. Cause that's gonna tell you a lot about what you're committed to and what you need to get over. Basically pick your problems. Right? Second is getting clarity on your ideal scene, your must haves and your jail breakers. Okay. So quandaries and problems. So again, I want you to write down what is a problem you're dealing with, what is a quandary you're dealing with, maybe it's that you have a job that pays you some money, but you don't want to be in that job anymore.


Okay. Write down what it is. What's the number one goal. What's your goal with keeping that job? And what's your goal and that you have, that is not in alignment with that. What is basically working against that goal? Um, for example, another one might be yes, someone who's in a corporate job and they, they like their job. They have income, but their real goal is to, um, to evolve and they feel stagnant in their job, right? So they need to get clear on what is their primary goal? What is the what's more important? Is it to pay the bills and keep in that corporate job? Well then they need to get real and they need to begin to do their work of, of making the transition and building their other coaching business or whatever it is on the side side. So one day they can take that quantum leap without being delusional.


You know, we're not delusional in this practice. We believe in total miracles. We believe in quantum leaps, but we also want to get okay with best and worst case scenario because we wanna be able to be neutral to either of those. It doesn't matter if it happens. It doesn't matter if it doesn't happen. I'm committed regardless. Okay. Second is what are the goals are antagonizing that one goal, right? So say you have financial freedom. What are antagon those goals? Well, you know, I have the goal of enjoying every day. So I eat out, you know, three times a day. Well, you know, you might not become financial independent, right? So you need to decide what is, you know, more important. And if that's the case, then you need to start thinking, okay, I'm gonna eat out three times a day, but I'm also gonna do bigger deals in becoming financial independent because I, both things are important to me.


But right now becoming financially independent is the most important thing for me to create over the next five years of my life or whatever it is. Okay. So what are your primary goals and what goals are antagonizing? That one goal, you start understanding how to break down the problems in your life. How do you break them down and understand what's really creating the problem. Most people have no idea. They're like, I'm just pissed off. Why you need to start thinking better. You need to start becoming more conscious about who you are and how your mind works and why you're having contradiction in your mind because you have two goals and they're contradicting each other. So break down those goals and figure out what's more important. Or if you're gonna, you know, overcome both of them with innovation, okay, get, grow up, stop. Just having problems.


Start looking at your problems and start understanding them and start doing something about it. If you wanna be a spiritual leader, you wanna be somebody that impacts every single person that you come in contact with. You gotta be powerful. That means you gotta master your own mind, master your own problems, master your own innovation and fulfill upon your dreams. This is a true spiritual leader. Okay. There's my round. So next is what goals are conflicting your primary goal. Okay. Get clear of that. So example of a goal that has a conflicting goal. So for example, again, someone's my core goal is freedom. And I believe I can get this by having money. This means, which means I need to work hard to get money. This has both limitation, beliefs attached to the goal and quandary. Okay. So you gotta look at what quandaries you're have in your life.


I, you know, I want, I wanna love, but I can't love until I have a partner that's baloney. That is not true. You can start loving today. I want to be, you know, a world class spiritual leader, but I don't have the platform yet. Baloney become, just be a world class spiritual leader, teach everywhere. You go embody the wisdom everywhere you go. You can do it for free and get testimonials, right? There's always a way it's a limiting belief. Any problem you have, I want you to write down any of your problems. So I want you to pause this podcast or do it after and write down every problem that you have in your life. And I want you to start innovating and seeing what it is, the limiting belief that you have, that's creating that problem. And what goals are counteracting that, okay, you need to get a little bit more conscious in your life and overcome these things.


Okay? So the next part of this is really getting clear on your, your ideal scene, your must haves and your deal breakers. Okay. So I want you to do this again as homework. I want you to write out the four errors of your life, money and career. The first one second is relationships in love. Third is health and vitality and number four is creative expression. And I want you to write out three things in these four areas. Number one is what is your ideal scene? Meaning if you have a magic wand, what would be the, the scene of that number two is what are your must haves in that area of, of your life? What do you have to have? What's really important to you. And number three is what are your deal breakers? Okay. So again, remember that deal. Breakers are basically things that you're not willing to put up with, or that really bother you.


They're not your truth, right? They're things that you just really, it doesn't work for you. If you're in a relationship and you have deal breakers, you, it doesn't mean that you get a divorce necessary. It means that you've gotta take responsibility to put boundaries around that so that you can live in peace and create, you know, being your highest version of yourself. Okay? So that's your homework is to take the four errors of your life, career and money, relationships and love, health and wellness and creative expression and write out it may be five pages you write in all of them, maybe a few sentences. I don't know what that is, but you need to write out what is your ideal scene? What are your must-haves and what are your deal breakers? And so the point of this is getting clear of what your values are, what you're committed to and how are you gonna align to that?


And so the aligning is really getting clear of how do you need to align with this? If there's an area of your life and say, you do do one of those four errors of your life and you go, you know what, I'm not living in alignment with, with even my must haves, I'm way, way down there in all my deal breakers, I'm living a life that is not in alignment with my truth. What are you gonna do about it? You know, you're gonna have to ask yourself some pretty, you know, hard questions and start having to plan around it. And that's what we do in society. We plan out, you know, how someone makes a transition from the job they don't like anymore into creating, you know, a business that they they've always wanted to create. How do you, you know, maybe, you know, deal with the dysfunctional relationship you're in.


And quite frankly, a lot of, a lot of us in society have dealt with codependency. I've been surprised at the amount I'd say, I would say 80 to 90% at least have dealt with dysfunctional relationships in codependency, in society. And a lot of this is getting clear of those deal breakers. And for some people they've had to get divorces. I've witnessed women that have completely freed themselves from being in alcohol, you know, married to alcoholics or whatever. I've seen people, you know, leave jobs that they don't want to and start six figure, uh, different coaching programs. I've seen miracles. And the thing is when you look at your deal breakers and you start actually getting real with them, sometimes it's hard. And sometimes you actually are able to become the person that you always want and things shift around you instantaneously. Sometimes you've got to put yourself in new environments, but this is your life.


It's not dress rehearsal, right? You deserve to live in alignment with your core values and really what you're truly committed to in line to what really matters to you, align to your purpose and calling and align to living a life that you freaking love. That's what's important, right? So if you got value out of this podcast, I asked you to please give a review of five star review on iTunes or whichever you're on, um, FM, wherever you are. We're on iHeartRadio. We're on every major platform or podcast stream. Okay. And please refer a friend. You know, it's super important for us to, you know, help others go higher. We're collective consciousness. You're not, you can't just heal yourself without healing the world. You are part of the oneness, right? You're one of the collective consciousness. So it's imperative. If you want to live the most empowered life, you've got to help others.


Um, in my opinion, right? So that can be just being the best version of yourself, walking into a room and holding the highest consciousness for every single person. Or you can refer them to something like this, right? So I wanted to say, thank you again. You can binge all the other truth. Live your true series. We are on number nine of 12, the next one we coming out next week, or it may already have, and you can go ahead and binge that one. You guys have a great day and may you live your truth? Thanks again for tuning in to Dr. Aaron and soul society podcast,


I'd like to invite you to write a review on iTunes. Also, I have a free gift for you, a money meditation and worksheet, which you can That's www S O U L C I E T or 30 guided meditations at Dr. That's www D R E R I We also hold monthly soul society events that are all about transformation and building extraordinary community. You can also watch me live daily on good morning, Lala or Instagram, Dr. Grab your free manifestation masterclass with a purchase of my international bestselling book awakening a 40 day guide to unleashing your spiritual powers, life, purpose, and manifest in your for slash awakening book.