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Nov. 17, 2019



Truth Triangle: Birth your power, passion, and purpose!

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You are such a powerful spiritual being that the moment you even consider yourself to be the effect of anything, anyone, or any circumstance in this world you instantaneously create yourself to experience being dis-empowered. 


Taking back your power can be done at the speed of consciousness. 


Name a time you handed your power over to money?


Name a time you handed your power over to a relationship?


Name a time you handed your power over to food?


Name a time you handed your power over to time?


Name a time you handed your power over to your body?


Name a time you handed your power over to life?

Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

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To society. The shift to the movement say you do so truth


Live from Los Angeles. This is Dr. Aaron, Dr. Divinity. We come together each day to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law. We also come together as a community in soul society. We are committed to be the number one spiritual leaders, community committed to enlightenment, empowerment and entrepreneurship. We truly believe that when somebody awakens, they have a gift and message to bring to the world. And our mission is to awaken a billion people and how we are doing that is by developing spiritual leaders. So we are on this great series right now. You guys, we are on the live, your true series. This is a 12 series and we are on week number six, all about self empowerment. And this is actually boy. Oh boy. I think that this sums up, uh, the entire work of spirituality, really in that we know that birthing your truth is all about the shifting back to the, I am consciousness.


That's the entire work. If you take, I don't care. If you'd read whatever book, if you meditate all day, if you go to the seminars, if you do anything, that's spiritual, you're really doing one thing. And one thing only, and you're shifting your identity back to the I am, which is the all powerful, all-knowing eternal, spiritual being that has the ability to create from free will. And so, um, this is exciting cuz this series live, your truth is based on the truth triangle. It is a framework that took me 22 years to come up with, um, after really going through so many processes. And one day I kind of sat down with myself and I thought, what the hell are we doing here? Like, what is the gist of all this work? If you were to sum it up into, into, you know, what are you doing?


So number one, of course you are restoring and birthing your power, your true power. And uh, we know that we're such powerful spiritual beings. That actually we are the only ones that can create the experience of not being the all powerful spiritual beam. It's a disempowerment in mind. And the second thing we're birthing is really the, your passion, your, your relative truth. There's ultimate truths. We know from a spiritual perspective, like energy can never be destroyed. There are truths of, of axioms, of how we manifest, how we demonstrate, how we create and form the relative truth is your unique truth. What's true for you. What do you like? What don't you like? What works for you in the realm of fulfillment and creativity and money and relationships and health. That is what we're birthing. We're birthing basically our core core values and making sure that you're staying in line with those and putting boundaries on people, places and things so that you can be the best version of yourself.


And then next on the side of the third side of the triangle is birthing your purpose. And we do this through a process of turning your suffering into your triumphs. We basically look at the suffering you've had in this lifetime and past lifetimes and we birth. What really matters to you. I truly believe that you're here in order to have an experience yourself as your total, uh, most powerful, you know, divine self, you've got to move past your lineage. You know, epigenetics brings down the memory. And so you have a genetic coding and an energetic field that you're born into basically. And if you wanna experience more and more free will, you've gotta complete your own DNA. So doing your inner work and your trauma work and all that on the first side of the triangle and the power triangle power side triangle, you've got to restore and, and get more and more free, will experiencing more and more free will.


The reality is that you always have free will, but you can experience not having free will. Okay. So again, the truth triangle has three sides, which is power birthing, your divine power. The truth of who you are, the second side is the, is your passion is your relative truth and birthing. What's true for you and living in accordance with that. And the third side of the triangle is birthing your purpose, really knowing what you're here to do, completing your DNA, and also leaving the legacy that you wanna leave. And then there is a fourth part to the triangle. It's the mineral, the center of the triangle, which is really your daily spiritual practice, your discipline, your habits, your new ways of being that set into motion, new automated system, but in what you want automated, not the bad habits, but the good habits, right? So today we are still on the first side of the triangle because the first three parts of the series, we're really the introduction to all the work going over.


You know, why is the subconscious so important? What is the truth triangle, um, and really looking at taking inventory of what you really want to shift in your life. So the, um, fourth one was on, um, trauma and basically shifting through limiting beliefs. And then we got into, um, uh, shifting. And then now we are self-empowerment. So this is number six of 12, and let's do this thing. So self empowerment, okay. This is probably the most important thing meta physically. And we know that we are such powerful spiritually. You are such a powerful S being that the moment you even consider yourself to be the effect of anything, this world, you create yourself to experience being disempowered instantaneously. Do you get that like really? And really I'm gonna say that again. Okay. You are such a powerful, spiritual being. You create at the speed of consciousness, that the moment you even consider yourself to be the effect of anything, one, any circumstance in this world, you instantaneously experience being disempowered.


You do that. That's how powerful your consciousness is. Okay. So what do we do about this? How do we, you know, wake up? How do we begin to what we call, um, you know, cutting ties, cutting cords. How do we take back our power? How do we do that? It's also just by the power of consciousness. So you don't have to go out in the world and do anything it's all in your mind. And it's all in doing session work. It's all in getting clear of what this is. So this is never the truth. You can never be disempowered. It is a pretense and experience, but it's not the truth of who you are. So taking back your power, taking back, your power can be done at the speed of consciousness. So first you must acknowledge when you have handed your power over to something or someone outside of yourself, it's really in the first in recognizing that you did, that is the first step to, to restoring the truth of who you are.


So the moment you look to the world for validation, joy, love, or anything, you instantaneously and subconsciously assign your power outside of yourself. You make that your higher power, right? We know this about codependency. We know this about addiction. We know this about anxiety or about people who are insecure or need validation or blah, blah, blah. Right? That's why so many people go through midlife crisis. They're like, I thought this was gonna be, make me happy when I got to this final place. That's why they're now having, uh, quarter of century at 25 years old, people are going through, you know, uh, basically another thing it's always, always, always something it's comes into one thing. And one thing only people are looking to the world to find joy, to find happiness, to find all that. And it's gonna be a roller coaster if you look to the world, right?


So the first thing is to really acknowledge where you've handed your power over. What have you assigned? People do this all the time in money. People make money more powerful than them. And the instant that they do, that the moment that they even conceive Monday, be more powerful than them. They instantaneously feel disempowered. It's really simple, right? And it's imperative to reclaim your power in mind and know the truth that the only source is within. We see this in love. I need to find somebody to love. No, you're, you're gonna just pull in another experience of, of feeling like, you know, it's gonna be dysfunctional. It's gonna be a roller coaster. You're gonna be projected on this person, right? The only source is within love can only come from within prosperity. Innovation can only come from within value begins within you. Can't bring anybody value.


If you haven't learned tools to help bring people value. If you don't know the truth of who you are, if you haven't tapped into that part of yourself, charisma and all those things love abundance health. We now, the medical system is even beginning to recognize that mental health will take down people. It's the number one disability in the world right now, you guys, right. Health starts in the mind. Disease is caused by discord within the mind, and also discord with your higher self, which is mother earth, which is the oneness with all that. So in this process of self empowerment, this is a process of taking inventory of the times you handed your power outside of yourself in the four areas of life, money, and career relationships and love health and wellness and creative expression. This is really about you acknowledging it's really like it's even in 12 step, they do this.


It's called inventory, right? You take, you, you take, I think it's the four step in there. You literally take and recognize where you cause something you don't want to to experience. Right? So taking inventory, where have you handed the power outside of yourself? Okay, so let's do this. So we're gonna basically go through your life real fast. The areas I want you to acknowledge, you can do this more extensively on your own, but I would recommend, you know, getting out a piece of paper, get turning off everything around you. You know, if you're driving, you may even wanna like pause this and pull over whatever that is, but get focused, right? This is your life. This is your empowerment. People say, oh, I wanna be empowered. I wanna, you know, do all this stuff. I wanna become a speaker. I wanna blah, blah, blah, blah. And they can't even stay focused for an hour. How are they ever going to get focused and actually complete that book, launch that company, you know, staying focused.


So I want you to begin to do this in mind or write it down and you can write this down and do it later if you want, but name a time, you handed your power over to money. And I want you to really keep asking you this question. You may ask it a thousand times name a time. You handed your power over to money. Okay. For me, there was a zillion times. There was times when I just thought, you know what? I don't deserve that. In fact, money is very tied into the values. The time I wanted to buy good groceries. But I thought that, you know, I didn't really deserve that. It was too expensive. The time I took jobs that I didn't want or clients that didn't fill in alignment, because I felt like money was important, more important than my truth. More important than what I needed or what was my truth.


I remember even being in relationships because I felt like they had more stability cuz there was money. No, I didn't date them just because they had money. But I definitely was definitely a consideration. And if we understand the power that we are, that we even consider that this is why we're doing something. That means I handed my power over to money. Okay. So name a time you handed your power over to money. I think I wrote out a thousand things when I did this first time. The time I didn't go on that trip, the time that I didn't go meet my girlfriends. Cause I wanted to save money the time that I, um, didn't get my message out to the world. Cause I didn't wanna spend the money. The time that I didn't, you know, have good medical health, the time, blah, blah, blah, all the times, all the times.


It doesn't mean you to justify like that was right or that was wrong. Or da, da, don't start judging yourself in this. Just literally take inventory of the times that you made decisions, contingent upon money, name a time that you handed your power over to money. Right? So the next question is name a time you handed your power over to a relationship, right? Oh my gosh, I did this. This was my biggest thing. Right? My joy I'd handed over to the relationship, my suffering. I handed it over to the relationship. My um, contentment, my, uh, frustration. I blamed it on the relationship. Right? Name a time you handed your power over to a relationship. I'm not good enough. I don't have a man. Something's wrong with me? I'm too old. I'm too fat. I'm too skinny. I'm I'm too much. I'm too emotional. I'm not emotional enough.


I'm you know, no one wants me. Oh my gosh, you know, blah, blah, blah, ha name a time you handed your power over to a relationship. I remember being in a relationship with a very dysfunctional person. And when he would, you know, not text I'd blame him and for my joy or my suffering when we were doing well, I would say it's because of this relationship, you know, this completes me, as they say, when we'd break up or get in an argument, I would say I was upset because of what happened or what he did. Right. That's I had to take inventory of the times and the times and the times over and over and over and over again of the times I made him or my relationship, my higher power. I did that. Right? So again, you could write down 50 things. You could write down a thousand things.


The more you acknowledge where you've handed your power over, the more, this is going to be a profound, profound experience for you. Okay? Next one is name a time. You handed your power over to your job. Oh my gosh. Right? We've done that a zillion times. Oh, I need this job because I don't deserve this other job because I'm happy because my job is this I'm pissed because my boss is that name a time you handed your power over to a job. How many times do you take jobs? You didn't want, right. Obviously this comes down to money, a lot for a job, but still where did you settle? Maybe you wanna write a book and you decided that you're not good enough that you think you only are value enough to have a particular job, right? Name a time you handed your power over to a job.


Next is name a time you handed your power over to food. Oh my gosh. That's a big one for all of us. I'm happy when I can eat blah, blah, blah. I only have good energy when I eat blah, blah, blah. Right? So we know that there's some truth to it and not okay. What is worse for you? A candy bar or getting upset. Clearly getting upset is way worse for you. Have. If you've ever experienced getting really upset, it is havoc on your body. Right? And obviously having good food is good. But if people become neurotic about their food and it has to be, you know, a perfectionist and body morphine, then it's not good. Right? If you're constantly using your energy and judging the food that you're putting in your mouth, it might be worse than the actual food that you are or not putting in your mouth.


Right? So name a time. You handed your power over to time. Oh my gosh. This is huge. Name it time you handed your power over to time, right? Like, oh, I gotta be disciplined. Cuz that's what the culture told me. Oh I'm you know, I'm not a good person cuz I'm on time or oh my gosh. I'm finally on time. I'm so happy. You know, name a time. You all the times you handed your life over to money. For some people they're gonna be like, what for others gonna be like, oh my gosh, I hand my, you know my, I can I consider time all the time. Consider that it is a good time. The day or I'm a morning person or an even person or da, da, da, da. Right? All those things, all those considerations. Next one is name a time you handed your power over to a relationship.


I'm sorry. We already did that one. A relationship, a job food time. Right? So going on from there name a time that you handed your power over to your body, full boy, coming from somebody who has bulimic from 17 to 20, that was a lot. You know, how often do you look in the, in the mirror naked or in your underwear? And you decide if you're happy or if you're sad or if you're, you know, hopeless, or if you're afraid, right? Name a time you handed your power over to your body. Holy cow, that's a game changer. You gotta stop it. You wanna live an empowered life. You wanna love yourself unconditionally. You wanna become the leader that you wanna become. You gotta stop handing your power with your money, your Bo, your money and your body, your body, okay? You gotta stop considering if your life's working out or not working out contingent upon your body.


This doesn't mean we don't become delusional and know that we're maybe we're more joyful as we feel better, but you can't give it that power. You gotta start unconditionally loving and move from there. In fact, working with people on, uh, you know, people who wanna lose weight and things like that. I won't work with people like that. But people who truly want to have a, uh, loving relationship with themselves, self love, we've gotta deal with their body issues. And the number one thing is you've got to start from unconditionally loving exactly how your body is today. And then it, it brings on a new possibility. Cause we know that what will resist persist, right? So if we're constantly beating ourselves up and our body up and we want our body to change, it's like not a good situation. It's like anti anti what we know in metaphysics and spirituality, it doesn't work.


In fact, it's gonna usually make it worse. So last question, name a time you handed your power over to life. Name a time you handed your, your power over to life, right? Life is good. Life is bad. I'm happy and sad. I'm mad at life, right? Name a time you handed your power over to God, right? And the concept of what you think God is, right? A lot of people, um, when they're really, really angry, they're mad at God as if God is some man in the sky, right? They've handed their power over to a concept. It's not the truth. God lives within God. Isn't a man. God isn't woman. God is only life. And beyond this 3d realm, right? God is mad. God is happy. God is all of it. Cuz you are that you are that essence. So the moment we think God is separate from us, we will always feel divided.


We will always feel lack. We will always feel the effect. We will always feel disempowered. And so in this, I recognize the truth of who you are, a divine powerful, all-knowing eternal, immortal, infinite, intelligent, spiritual being. And then in this, I recognize the power that you are, the moment that you even consider yourself to be the effect of anything in life, you instantaneously will experience being disempowered. And so as you go into your day, into your week, into the rest of your life, I know that if you've heard this, you can never ever look at life the same. It's impossible and there's responsibility. And it may seem really hard, but guess what? It's a lot easier than keep experiencing yourself as the effect of anything of this world. And so on this note, I just say, please give a review to this podcast. If you've gotten value here, please give a five star please.


And refer it to a friend. It's important to get this wisdom out to the world. And I just wanna say, thank you. Thank you for showing up for yourself for taking the time to do your inner work. I think it's a responsibility. We each have to know the truth of who we are and stop projecting on the world. Have a beautiful day. And may you live your truth? Thanks again for tuning in to Dr. Aaron and soul society podcast, I'd like to invite you to write a review on iTunes. Also, I have a free gift for you, a money meditation and worksheet, which you can That's www S O L C I E or 30 guided meditations at Dr. That's www D R E R I We also hold monthly society events that are all about transformation and building extraordinary community. You can also watch me live daily on good morning, Lala or Instagram, Dr. Grab your free manifestation masterclass with a purchase of my international bestselling book awakening a 40 day guide to unleashing your spiritual powers, life purpose. And in your dreams at Erin full has book.