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Jan. 17, 2022

Genesis Part II: How you created the world [Metaphysical Bible Series]

Genesis Part II: How you created the world [Metaphysical Bible Series]

Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.
Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.”
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Learn the universal law of attraction, metaphysics, manifestation, spiritual psychology, past-life regressions, and spiritual awakening. This top podcast is created to provide support, education, self-development, healing, motivation, and inspiration. Spiritual trauma recovery is the key. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.” 

Join Soulciété, and get certified as a Spiritual Warrior, Spiritual Entrepreneur, or get Accredited Certified as a Spiritual Psychology Coach & E4 Trauma Method®, Spiritual Psychology Master Practitioner, Master Teacher, or Doctor of Divinity.

Learn the universal law of attraction, metaphysics, manifestation, spiritual psychology, past-life regressions,  and spiritual awakening. This top podcast is created to provide support, education, self-development, healing, motivation, and inspiration. Spiritual trauma recovery is the key. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



Live from the universe. Welcome to spiritual awakening with Dr. Aaron. It's time to claim your birthright of prosperity, vitality and love. So grab your tear coffee because together we're awakening the world. May you live your truth? You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. That was the one quote from the Bible. That made sense to me. I grew up as somebody who was pretty much anti-religion. And so my invitation for you today, if you're somebody who's been seeking spirituality that truly loves spirituality, maybe you've had enlightenment moments. You've been meditating for years. You've, you know, done a lot of different seminars and maybe even had coaches and things like that, but you're ready for something more you're ready for even more of a deep dive, or maybe you're somebody who is born into a religious upbringing. And you have only learned the Bible from a really traditional standpoint.


Then this podcast is for you as well. The intention of this podcast is to break on down from a metaphysical standpoint, the Bible Genesis and the creation. We're going to break this on down. I'm so incredibly honored to take this journey with you. I'm Dr. Aaron, Dr. Divinity and metaphysical minister, uh, founder of new thought global and society with the intention truly, and truly to develop world renowned spiritual leaders. I truly believe that we must understand all the teachings to truly be able to not be ignorant in the world, that there are so many incredible truths in the Bible. The Bible is a profound story of you. It is the biography of you, how you created the universe. It is stories of great laws and how all the different, different scripts and scriptures of your life, all the different characters that you're going to play.


And so in this, in understanding Genesis, may we understand, may we understand how we create with the power of mind Genesis breaks on down through the six days of creation, how we created this thing called life. So let's do this thing. So I just wanna say that I'll never forget the day, the day that the Bible truly came into my life. I was really somebody who would almost laugh at people that were into the Bible and into the concept of Jesus saving them. And as I remember, kind of going down my track, remember there's an actual day that I decided that I was going to open my heart and my mind to the Bible. And in that moment, I remember I was sitting there and I just remember this one, quote, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. And in that one, quote, I thought just because of that one, quote, it ma it's a, it's a seed that planted in my heart that knew that there was wisdom beyond wisdom in this one book. And I just know with my heart that day forever forward has opened me up to so much greater wisdom. It's like


Layers and layers of wisdom. And I'm so incredibly excited. So let's do this thing you guys. So the Bible is your biography. It's the greatest story ever told it's actually how you created the universe and the stories of the great universal laws. Okay. But before we get into the sixth day of creation, I want you to just ask yourself, kind of check yourself, right? Because you can interpret the Bible. The Bible is a prophetic teachings and writing, and the reason why it's prophetic and why it's divinely written is because it will be interpreted by your level of consciousness. Okay. So you get it. So if you're somebody who's closed minded, you basically will not receive the wisdom. If you're somebody who's open minded, you receive great wisdom. So the question for you is, are you reading it from a perspective of being the effect of life, or are you reading it from the perspective of actually being the creator?


Are you reading it from being, you know, separated and segregated in your race or sex or color or age or whatever, or are you reading it from oneness? Okay. So in this, I invite us all to take a deep breath in, through the nose and exon out. I just ask that we open our heart and mind to the Christ consciousness within that same consciousness, that is the Budda consciousness and all the consciousness, because there's only one consciousness, which is love, which is growth, which is God, which is good. And in this, I know that in these stories, in those profound stories of the Bible, may we know and be revealed to th self. Maybe we understand that the teachings have been here all long, because truth is truth. We don't find truth, truth. It is already here. It's in us, it's in every cell of who we are.


And in this, I just say, may we spiritually awaken to the truth of who we are? May we restore our divine powers? May we live with such passion and purpose that our cup run of over? May we be the change we wanna see in the world? And may we be the second coming of Christ, which is the second coming of you, revealing and awakening to your true self. And so I just say, thank you, thank you. Thank you. I receive all the greatness as together we say. And so it is okay, let's do this thing. So let's do this the six days of creation, right? This is really the evolution of consciousness, right? So each day you can say it represents a thousand years or a billion years or whatever. But the truth is, is that each day of creation is really an evolution of consciousness.


That's the entire purpose of the Bible is to show how we evolve. There is no difference between the, the being created and evolution. It's actually one of the same and we're gonna break it on down. Okay. So time is a measurement of consciousness in the cause and effect realm. So for instance, right now, if you take a cup of water and you take it from one side of, of say your desk and you place it over on the other side of the desk, that is actually showing you where you've created it, you've created it multiple infinite times in the space time realm, right? So it's really showing consciousness in 3d form. Okay? So let's begin on the first day of, of creation. The first day in the beginning, God created heaven and the earth and the earth was without form. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


And God said, let there be light. He separated the light from the darkness and God called the light day and the darkness night and the evening in the morning, we're the first day. So we need to break this on down the first day, the first day considers that we created light, right? Which is really the divided consciousness of the inner world and the outer world. And you can think of this as a bigger picture of creating the universe, but you can also see how you do this all the time. Right now, right here, there is the inner side of yourself and the outer side, you create the division in mind, right? Anytime we create ourselves, anything other than the, I am all one with everything. We have a divided consciousness and we create our own limitations, our own disempowerment, our own division in mind. Okay.


So God, what is God? First of all, God is spirit unity. God is the, I am okay. So the two types of consciousness in this first day are inner and outer. This is the first division in mind. This is the first being of humanness, right? The beginning we have to recognize that beginning is always first cause it's the first creation, which is spirit, which is that part of yourself. That's the backing, the consciousness of all it and heaven. Heaven is considered the inner world and earth is considered the outer world. The spirit of God is a creative energy. And the water is the essence, which we're gonna get into, okay. We need to get into what the man is and what the woman is. And the masculine feminine and the Dawn and all this stuff. Genesis starts at night and in the darkness, which represents the nothingness spirit creates from nothing.


Many of us will crepe from the circumstances of our life and reacting to life. But the truth is how you create right now and how we created the entire universe is from nothingness. You at any point in time, no matter what hand dealt, you know, deck of hands, you have deck of cars, you have, sorry, whatever you've been dealt in life, you always can create from nothingness. There's infinite, infinite potentials from that. Okay. So the Dawn of Genesis is the beginning of manifestation it's consciousness. Okay. And in this, just to break it on down that in the Genesis that water represents the soul essence, that part of us that actually just creates exponentially, man creates con represents the conscious mind and woman represents the subconscious mind. So you're saying like, why do I care about this? Right? Because this is how you manifest, okay. You, the, the masculine aspect of yourself is the conscious mind that part of you that decides it decides right now, right here. And it is the spirit that SPS into the subconscious and


Subjective mind, which is the, the mind of that delivers. That is a universal law. You are creating like a spear in spirit, in, into conscious you're consciously creating. And in that part of your yourself, that's feminine part is this subconscious, the soul, that's the mess, that's it? The feminine aspect of it. Okay. And then the man is considered the spirit side of it and the woman, and it's not like a man or a woman. It's the masculine aspect. And the feminine aspect, the masculine aspect is spirit. This feminine aspect is the soul. And together they birth the body, they birth the baby, they birth this thing called form out here. Okay. And this is how you are doing it all the time. The masculine side of yourself, that actually is, is, is, is planting the seed, right? The feminine side is the womb that just does nothing.


Just burs the baby. Okay. That's the part. We both have masculine, feminine, all points in time. So this is how it first begins. It first begins in mind. It first begins in the light. It first begins the inner and outer world. Okay. Day two day two is what's considered the atmosphere or firmament. Okay. This is where the divided consciousness is with the, with the, um, it's with the subconscious. Okay. So now we have two consciousness. We have the inner and outer right now we have the third and fourth, which is the consciousness and the subconscious. So this stays in the second day. And God said, let there be firmament in the midst of the waters. It may be separated water from water. God made the expanse and its separated water below from the water above God called this expanse sky. So what does this mean?


Right? Here's God, you, God, this thing that is creating, and these are, these are metaphors. These are things to show you how you create, right? There's something in you that's creating from, from conscious and is subconscious. There's a part of you that can logically think through everything. And there's something that just automatically happens. Like you don't have to think about beating your heart. That's a subconscious mind. It's, that's universal. Law's just taking care of itself. Right? We're set. But it's still a consciousness. It's not an unconscious, just subconscious, not unconscious. It's very conscious. It knows exactly what to do. And it does exponential. It does a zillion times more than the conscious mind because it's like little soldiers down there and it just says yes. And that's all it does. So the second day, the atmosphere and the firmament. Okay. So you need to know that.


What are you putting into your subconscious mind? Because your subconscious mind is the waters. It's the ripple effect, right? It's that part of yourself that just says yes, it just says, yes. Okay. So firmament means sky or portal above sky or portal above. This is you. And if you really, when we wanna manifest, right, we have to open up our, to the sky, to the portal of spirit, to their true self, to really be in that part of ourselves, right? The water above is human consciousness. And the water below is subconsciousness. The two types of consciousness, consciousness, and subconsciousness. But they're all one thing working together in the unity of the beautiful thing called manifestation. So let's go to third day, third day, it stated that dry ground and plants are created, right? This is really the cause and effect. We live in a cause and effect world.


It says, God said, let there be water below and sky be gathered into one area. The dry land appear God called the dry land earth and gathered of waters. The seas, and God said, let the earth sprout vegetation, seed bearing plants. So we need to understand how this is being created. Right? We understand that with the power of our mind, we can create horrific things and we can also create beautiful things. It is the one mind, it's the cause and effect. We can create everything from dry ground to plants, to everything in this, the earth and gather to the waters in the sea, that everything sprout from this vegetation seed bearing plants, everything from the cause and effect. The first cause is always spirit. It's consciousness. It's you the effect in this relative universe, we can create heaven. We can create hell, we can create discord.


We can create chaos, right? We can create harmony and love. It's all one things. And it's infinite, infinite creations. And that's what we get to create. So we need to know that there's inside of us. There's an evolution of evolution. There's an evolution which is inside. We're creating this inside. Whatever's happened. Say even Nicola Tesla, before he creates something in the physical form, he created his mind. First. He created inside everything. And then the evolution is out there. The effect of all the evolving species and everything. It's still from the one source. It's still the same thing. The sea is a collective consciousness and all creation is the division and the divine, every last drop of it. So we need to know that this is the kind of paradox of life that we live in. What really is a non-dualistic you know, organism here, incredible dynamic thing called life.


And yet we experience the duality. We experience being individuals when we're actually the divine we experience hell. Even though we understand that it's all one, one big thing going on here in unison. Right? So think about all the infinite creations, all the infinite. This is the thing of, of third day, right? It's understanding the evolution and the evolution within is all the evolution, how you evolve and how you create within and all the evolution of how you create exponentially through the outer world and how those things evolve. Because they, they are secondary causations as well. So on the fourth day, God said, let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate day from night, they shall serve as signs for the set of times, days, years, and seasons. They shall serve as lights to shine upon the earth. God made two great lights, the greater to dominate the day and the lesser to dominate the night.


So the fourth day is all about sun, moon and stars. The fourth day we created polarity and cycles, polarity and cycles. And isn't that the point of a day, isn't that the point of all the astrology to see the cycles, to see the similarities. Isn't that point? The point of all of it, two great lights. There's two great lights, which is sun and moon, which is the polarity. And the thing is we have to recognize that everything in, in this world is polarized. There can't be good without bad, right there can't be, you know, one thing without the other, there's always polarity. You're right. Or you're wrong, right? There's all this polarity of the sun and the moon. And we have this in us. We call this the, the father and, and the mother, right? We call this the creation. The sun is the creation and spirit.


The moon is the subconscious and subjective mind. This is the part of ourselves, the father and the mother right here, right now as us in us, not out there, God is not out there. Jesus is not out there. The moon and the stars are not out there. We are one with them. As them, times, days, years, seasons are measurement of consciousness and cycles. So we created this aspect of ourselves that has cycles that that literally creates exponentially in polarity. How do we create polarity? You can instantaneously the moment that you even consider yourself to be in anything other than the, I am you set polarity into motion, right? There has to be a give. There has to be a take. There has to receiving and giving. This is all the polarity. You can't, you can't have one without the other. You can't give without receiving.


It's impossible. You can't receive without having to give it's all one thing going on, which is polarity. And this is a dynamic of life. That is a great universal law of how we create. On the fifth day. God said, let the waters bring forths forms of living creatures and birds that fly above the earth. God bless them saying, be fertile and increase, be fertile and increase. So on the fifth day it said that there was birds and sea creatures created. But really what was created was the expansion and multiplicity of the increase. That part that can always multiply exponentially. This is law. It is the law of abundance. It's the law of increase. Fertility means to multiply an evolution, the secondary causation of creation. So all the speeches, all the different creatures are just all from one creation, but they evolve. So creation and evolution are the same thing.


There's no difference. It's just how we've evolved exponentially. And so may you be fertile? May you know that whatever you put your energy into, you will multiply exponentially. We teach this all the time. If you energize what you don't want, you'll have more of what you don't want. If you energize what you do want, you'll have more of what you do want. This is law. This is the expansion and multiplicity of increase. And on day six, God said, let the earth bring forth. Every kind of living creature, paddle, creeping things, and wild beast. And every kind God said, let us make man in our image. After our likeliness, they shall rule the fish, the birds, cattle earth, God bless them and said, be fertile and increase. God said, behold, I have given you every seed bearing plant tree, animal bird, green plants. This is the truth.


The truth is that there are unique divine expressions. And in this are created as, as the image of God after the likeliness, right? We are, God, we're just a reflection. We get to create exponentially infinitely. We have, as Jesus said, you too will do greater things than I, right? Jesus is God you're God we're God. There's no difference. We're all the one I am in the infinite, infinite relative experience right here right now. And we have every single mathematical equation possible. Thomas Cho was a great teacher. This, he gave two great examples of having a shift that goes over water, recognizing that steel will, will. It won't float. It will sink. But if you build it big enough and it will actually go across the water and float, and that's the innovation, that's the, that's the infinite, infinite creations that we can create. He also uses the airplane.


You know, steel can't fly in the air, but if you put it with a propeller and you create an engine and you have, you know, gravity, and you have wind, you have all this stuff, it creates this thing called vanilla fly and airplane. Everything we ever need is already here. We've created everything, all the core elements that in those elements, there's infinite, infinite, mathematical equations of everything we could ever want to create everything from more plants, more trees and innovations and inventions, everything you could ever imagine beyond anything. You can imagine that this is in the image and likeliness of God, mental one mind we are, there's only one mind, it's the divine mind. And the only thing that can limit you from being the God that you are, is your own thinking. This is the truth of your unique divine expression that you infinite.


We can infinitely create infinitely as unique fractals of God as well. So the seventh day, the seventh day on the seventh day, God finished all the work he had been doing. He rested from all the work he had done. God bless the seventh day and declared it. Holy. So what does this mean? Exactly? They say this is a Sabbath of rest. This is the holy one. Meaning that if you really truly get to true creation, you can just be whole with everything. There's no effort. There's no increase. There's no, no nothing. You just are. You are back to the, I am the holy one unity. And in recognizing this, you create everything, everything, and you're creating it. Now there's no effort. There's no, I wanna manifest this. There's no, I gotta have a goal. There's none of that. There's simply resting and being as the holy one.


And in this, this is all of it summed up into one thing and so excited to say, thank you. Thank you. Thank I'm so grateful for the great teachers. Thomas tr was a great teacher of understanding, breaking down all the biblical teachings. Thomas George was a judge over in the east who was also Christian and was able to help many people like me and many others in the new thought ancient wisdom and metaphysical world break on down. What this means exactly. The Bible says the Bible contemplates man as composed of spirit, soul, and body. In other words, as combined a Siegel unity in a threefold nature, spiritual, psychic, and PRI. The point is that the entire Bible is teaching us to create a process. The Bible of the entire thing is teaching us how we create in harmony and in chaos, how we infinitely create this is the entire thing of the Bible.


And so we wanna break down again. What is the promise? The promise of the Bible is emancipation of man. Okay. And I'm talking about a man as in the man versus a woman emancipation of, of being human emancipation, delivering us to our immortality, delivering us to our eternality delivering us from Sorrow's sickness, from poverty, from struggle, from uncertainty, from ignorance and limitation, and finally from death itself. So the promise is acquiring certain information and the promise results are all contingent on our getting, interpreting and using the information. So we need to get it right. You can have the Bible for your whole life and it doesn't do any of this. Okay. But it's how you actually interpret it. And then actually how you implement it and use it and embody it. Okay. This is the promise. So wisdom equals freedom, ignorance equals suffering. And these are all the truism.


The Tru truisms in the Bible is that the only thing that can limit is the thought that gave rise to the condition. So as God, by self, as divine myself, as the infinite creator that you are, you can infinitely create scarcity. You can infinitely create chaos. You can infinitely create division. You can infinitely create war. And it's the same exact energy that can create love and harmony and abundance. And every last drop you ever could desire whatsoever. This is the truism. The truism of the Bible is teaching that how only your thought can give the condition of, of being, uh, a prisoner, uh, the condition of everything. There's only one thought. And so we have to understand that the Trinity in the Bible is spirit, soul body. The Trinity is spiritual psychic


And, and physical God man universe, that this is the journey where we're learning this. We're learning that there is one thing that spirit spirit is the masculine aspect. Spirit is that part. That is, that is the spear that is going into and, and creating. And it goes into the soul, the feminine aspect of each and every one of us, the one soul, and it impregnates the soul with the thought and the soul takes it into the subjective mind, into that intelligence and uses, and is the universal law. And it projects out into form in the world as the experience, as the thing, as the body is whatever. And through the spirit and soul, it creates the body, the actual physical 3d experience of all that. Okay. So to recognize there's two great psychological laws to the Bible, which is the creative power of thought and the amenability of thought to control by suggestion.


So we have a responsibility. In fact, we're just doing this in ministry about ethics. And the truth is that we have to be responsible that not only for our thoughts, but what we impinge and penetrate into other people's consciousness. There's a responsibility, especially as a minister of having ethical responsibility to stay neutral in our influence. This is why the Bible veils its ultimate, meaning under symbols, allegories, and parables, so that you at your own consciousness to can reveal yourself and where you are in your own consciousness. If someone comes in and says, this is how enlightenment is, you may actually have resistance. It might hurt somebody in their awakening, right? So even as spiritualists, we do that all the time. We'll be going down our spiritual nature and you we've all met that person. Or we've been that person that we coach every single person we're in front of and people begin to roll their eyes at us and they actually turned off from it.


So as anyone who's seeking truth, that is really a revealer of truth. My suggestion and invitation is to stay neutral, to allow the teachings themselves to penetrate. I know the people that came to listen to this podcast came here because they chose to come here. I won't force it on you and tell you whatever you come here for a reason you've been called to this for a reason. And I'm here to just display this perception of it. Okay. So again, creation verse evolution. The Bible reveals how creation is a process of evolution, there's evolution and evolution, right? There's the inner, the inner creation and evolution is the outer creation. Okay. So evolution is the spiritual and mental realm. The passion of spirit into form as an and in the consciousness, right, is passing through consciousness, right? The evolution is the physical evolution. As the physical realm in evolution, evolution are not opposed to one another.


They're only earlier and later stages of the same process, the perpetual urging onward of spirit for self-expression and infinite varieties of form. The creation evolution are one. So in day one through three of the six days of creation is all E evolution. Day four through six is evolution. And four day seven is holy unity of both coming together. And so the stories in the Bible are about the, the individual parts of the whole, the body, the soul, the spirit, and just knowing the trio nature. The Bible teaches the trio nature. It teaches emancipation from suffering and it teaches great laws. So why would we wanna know that because we wanna know we wanna be free. We wanna be empowered. We wanna be able to create exponentially. We wanna turn outta superpowers. We want to understand how we're creating all of it. And so in this, I just say, thank you.


Thank you. Thank you. I am knowing that you are the divine creator. You are the power. You are the force. You are that essence. You are the Christ consciousness. You are the second coming. You are that that we've been waiting for. I recognize right now, the power of the Bible, the story of you, the revealing to itself and all the dynamics that you can play out, all the victim and being the perpetrator and being the, you know, have enough courage and also being the all, you know, manipulate all those things, all the characters, all the scriptures that you are in this book, you are this book, you wrote this book, cuz God wrote this book. It doesn't matter if who wrote it, who didn't write it where what's real. What's not real. I'm not a biblical historian. I am somebody who's here to teach the truth of the Bible, which is the truth of you.


And so I just say, thank you, thank you. Thank you. And if you are somebody who's had a spiritual colon and desire to really get trained as a minister, as a metaphysical minister, I invite you come into our community. I invite you to come in to spiritual warrior and just begin to do the transformation and all that work. We have, um, different levels in our community. Everything from being a spiritual warrior, we have entrepreneur programs that are based for spiritually based, um, entrepreneurs. We also have coaching programs that teach the E four trauma method and, um, and uh, master spiritual psychology coach. And then we have spiritual practitioners that really learn the creative process and metaphysic and universal law. And then we have the ministry, um, program, which is all about metaphysics of, of all of it, of understanding the Bible and different religions and philosophies and science, really being able to be somebody who is able to preach, being able to be somebody who's able to teach it all. And then lastly, we have doctorate divinity. So we have six levels again, spiritual warrior, spiritual entrepreneur, spiritual coach, spiritual practitioner, um, metaphysical, uh, minister and doctor of divinity. So you're welcome to reach out. I'll put a link below. We have discovery and breakthrough calls, um, once a week as well. I'll put it on here for you to come. We can, I'll be there. Live myself most likely. Um, could I do it once a week? And I cannot wait to meet you have a beautiful day and may you live your truth?