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May 12, 2022

Transform Your Trauma Transform Your Life

Transform Your Trauma Transform Your Life

Are you ready to take 100% responsibility for your life? 

Are you really ready to take radical responsibility?

Let’s begin by asking yourself, where do you feel like you're not feeling responsible in your life? Maybe something really bad happened to you? Maybe you had an ex that was mean or who cheated. Maybe the economy has impacted your life. Maybe the lockdown has impacted you?

And I get it, life happens. Life is not necessarily fair. 

But is it? 

We're going to break this down from a standpoint of how you are creating ALL of your life. 

And until you see this for yourself from a spiritual perspective, it would be impossible for you to take the radical responsibility you desire. 

From a soul perspective, we are one, this is the main and core principle that we teach and the backbone of Soulciété and the New Thought Movement. 

There's one core Source, and it's you. 

It's the true core of yourself, you are an individualized expression of the Divine. 

As this individual expression, it's natural, to feel separate. It's natural to feel like we can be the effect of the world, or the environment, or people, places, and things. When in reality, we are the first cause, we have created the Universe, and we're here experiencing the cause and effect of everything that we've created, the good and bad on this planet. 

Yes, that's right!

We are the One who created all of it. There's One life, One soul, and One thing going on, which is growth, love, and expansion, in a relative way through the Universe. 

But let's break this down even further. I'll never forget, it was years back. I had been diving into the law of attraction. I had watched the secret and I had gone to every seminar under the sun. I had taken courses, hired different coaches, and worked with shamans. I had meditated for years and years and years. And yet, there was something missing and I didn't know what that thing was.

I knew what I should eat, but I would still kind of sabotage my diet with different processed foods. I would know who I probably shouldn't be dating, but I would date them anyway. People who were completely unavailable, going through the vicious cycle of codependency, the ins and outs of breaking up and getting back together. I knew what I probably should do in business, but instead, I kept doing what I thought the culture thought I should do. 

So I could be good enough right? 

Until one day, I met a great mentor of mine. He's passed away now but he was like this jovial, incredible magician. He knew all about the Universe, all about the laws. And I'll never forget he said something to me. He said the Universe has to agree with you 100% of the time. It agrees with what you think, how you feel, what you believe. It responds to you with 100% accuracy.

And I'll never forget it. It was like the whole Universe kind of stopped moving, and I thought whoa, the universe has to agree with me 100%!!!

Wow, what am I putting out there, what am I believing, thinking, feeling, and communicating with the universe? Because it agrees with it all, 100%.

I want to share with you how I consciously create with the Universe because we are communicating 100% of the time, even when we don't realize we are.

We help people remember what a powerful creator they are…

You are manifesting 24/7. The moment that you consider yourself to be anything other than the I AM, aka pure potential, you are creating a limited identity at that moment. Who you think you should be, and creating this limited identity doesn't mean it's bad doesn't mean it's good. It's just a limited identity to navigate this individualized expression of oneness. In creating our individual identity, we're literally creating the dynamic of life. 

Your identity creates your reality. Who you consider yourself to be, instantaneously sets the polarity of the entire Universe into existence. How we experience life comes from the perspective of how we experience ourselves. Our identity creates belief and belief creates thoughts and thoughts create feelings and feelings create the emotions and emotions create the circumstances of your life. 

We go through life experiencing people, places, and things and we instantaneously place a meaning on our experiences. Either a positive meaning or negative meaning, then we feel positive or negative. Then we begin to respond and act upon these positive or negative feelings.

I'm the creator of e4 trauma method®, and when I was going through the process of creating this transformational modality I could see so clearly that trauma is not what happens to you..... Trauma is what happens within you.

Way back in the 1970s we used to think that trauma was only experienced by very few people and it was not that common. Trauma was considered to be a reaction only if you'd been in the midst of a war or a major car accident, but now, we realize that everyone has trauma. The whole of life is a trauma!

And in fact, 60% of people have experienced something pretty significant in this lifetime, like domestic violence or sexual abuse or something like that. And so the reality is that everyone has been through ‘trauma’ because trauma is not what happens to you. It's what happens within you. 

So what does taking full responsibility for your life look like? 

It doesn't mean that the person who acted badly towards you or the traumatic situation you went through was created by you, it means that we create the trauma response, and that response and decisions we make during that process go on to create our life experience.

When we experience a traumatic event, we instantaneously create a high-frequency emotional state, a negative emotional state. At that moment, we make meaning of that emotional state. What does this mean about me, what does this mean about others, and what does this mean about life. These become our commands, our beliefs, the lens of our life from that moment.

Commands like, I'm not enough, I'll never love again, I can't do this, I don't want to live, something's wrong with me.

And in the moment of the traumatic incident, no matter what happened, no matter how bad it was, or maybe someone just didn't show up to Valentine's Day or whatever it is. That trauma happened because of what you created within yourself. The identity, the commands, the beliefs.

And so in this, taking responsibility, as they say, when we take responsibility, or when we know the truth, it's not easy at first, but then it gets easier and easier, we take responsibility for what we are going to create in life, we know we hold the power, we are the creator, we can set the wheel in motion of the life we want to live. 

The paradox of taking responsibility for our lives is that it is hard. We have to take responsibility, but at the same time, it is liberating. We shift into consciously creating our lives into existence, knowing that we are 100% responsible and knowing that the universe is responding to us with 100% accuracy.

The E4 Trauma Method has been the catalyst of some incredible breakthroughs and radical alignment for members within the Soulciete community. 

Our Spiritual Coaches use the E4 Trauma Method in all of the 121 work they do with clients to transform their life, shift their consciousness, break their cycles and patterns - and they get some pretty spectacular results!

The process is magical, and in an instant you see the light bulbs go off when people are walked through the process, they neutralize their negative emotions and can see so clearly the commands they have been communicating with the universe and the effect of those commands in their life because of course the universe has been responding with 100% accuracy!  

My invitation for you right now is to take a look at your life. Look at where you are not feelling 100% empowered? Where do you not feel 100% responsible? Where do you still believe that you didn't create the reality that you've experienced? 

Once you take radical responsibility for your life you can begin to shift the way you communicate with the Universe and reap the benefit from the cause and effect of this new communication.

The Universe is responding to you in 100% accuracy.

What do you choose this response to look like in all areas of your life from this moment onwards?

Dr Erin xx

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