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May 3, 2022

The Secret To Coaching Your Clients Money Mindset

The Secret To Coaching Your Clients Money Mindset

The Secret Key To Coaching Your Client's Money Mindset: Trauma Healing

Your self-worth = Your net-worth 

Money is always an area of life that people wish to experience a transformation around.

Becoming a ‘Six figures’ coach, manifestation and money blocks are super popular concepts that people will dive headfirst into, eager to explore their limiting beliefs around money.

But any limitation in abundance is never connected specifically to money stories and is always connected to unhealed trauma. 

Transforming your finances lies in healing that unresolved trauma!

Spiritually, trauma is not what happens to you, trauma is what happens within you.

The moment we experience a traumatic situation or event we make a conscious decision in our mind about what has happened to us and what that means about who we are, what that means about the world, and what that means about other people.

These decisions, made in a high state of emotion, become our commands.

The commands we create in these heightened states of emotion as we journey through this lifetime, and commands we have brought with us from past lives, go on to create an impact in all areas of our life – including in our experience of money.

‘I am not enough’ 

‘I am not worthy’ 

‘I am not lovable’ 

‘Other things / people come before my basic needs’

‘It is not safe to be me’

‘Something is wrong with me’

These commands form our lens of creation, and result in the external experience we have in life.

Cause and effect in action.

The spiritual truth is that the Universe only knows limitless abundance. A limitless energy awaiting your command to flow into the physical reality of your life.

It has no rules, it is simply here to express itself in infinite ways.

The way this energy flows in your individual experience of money flows through the lens of your commands.

‘I am not worthy – of money’

‘I am not enough – and do not deserve wealth’

‘I am not lovable – money does not love me’

‘Other people’s needs come before mine – I am always the last to receive’

 The secret to having a breakthrough in the area of money is to uncover the commands within your subconscious and transform them.

Within the New Thought Global & Soulciete community we use the E4 Trauma Method, a process of releasing the unhealed emotion from past traumatic events; a process that sees people shift and transform in an instant as they begin to understand the unconscious commands that have been creating their experience of life.

They go on to make empowered decisions of how the energy will flow into all areas of their life from that moment.

Explore this for yourself, what is calling in you to be healed?

What is the story of your life? The cycles? The patterns?

Ask yourself, what do you fear most in life?

How do you respond to stress, conflict, or overwhelm?

The answers to these questions will begin to give you clues as to what commands have been created in traumatic events in your lifetimes.


Money Trauma Case Study One:

I was working with a coach who had an established coaching business but was unable to maintain a flow of income. I led her through an E4 Trauma session and we explored a memory from her childhood of feeling hungry and there being no food in the cupboards of her family home. The command she created at that moment from her past was ‘there is never enough’  . This went on to be her lens of creation not only in her experience of money, but also her relationships and her career. We neutralised that command and she declared her desired command around money. This client is now having consistent $10K months and above and is relaxed and open to the flow of money in her life.


Money Trauma Case Study Two : 

I was working with a high profile client who had significant success, but he was experiencing burnout on a regular basis. I took him through an E4 Trauma session and it was uncovered that during a class in his elementary school a teacher told him he would not be successful in life, and in that moment he decided ‘I will always be the best and succeed’. He built multi million dollar companies and incredible businesses but from this place of ‘I have to be the best’. Outwardly it would seem like quite a positive goal, to achieve the best, but this  command was running the show in all areas of his life and often taking him into a place of burnout. He couldn't enjoy his wealth  because he was always battling burnout associated health issues. He stated a new command after that session that went on to be his new lens of creation, building his businesses from a place of joy.


Identifying limiting beliefs for yourself and your clients can be quite a simple part of the coaching experience, it is in the significant shifting of those beliefs where the transformation happens and a person's life begins to change.

The rate at which I am able to create these miraculous shifts using the E4 Trauma Method has been revolutionary in my own coaching and spiritual education practice. 

What I love the most about this process are the lightbulb moments. When a client sees very clearly how their commands have crafted and created their life so far, how their life got this way, and knowing they have the power within them to change the direction.

As part of our Master Spiritual Psychology Certification we ask the participants to explore their own life and present to the rest of the group on ‘how my life got this way’ and it is fascinating to see the participants light up as they share their own personal breakthroughs from being able to release commands that no longer serve the experience of life they desire.

The secret to coaching your client through their money mindset,trauma transformation!

Your net worth = your self-worth

It is time to heal that trauma!

Erin x 


Dr. Erin Fall Haskell D.D.

Creator of E4 Trauma Method | Founder of New Thought Global & Soulciete | Doctor of Divinity | New Thought Leader | Speaker | Best Selling Author |


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