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Nov. 18, 2017



Recovery from handing your power over to negativity and creating new habits for the highest good

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Podcast: DAILY DR. ERIN -


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DAILY INSPIRATION: If you live in a Western Culture you have most likely dealt with addiction. Maybe you’ve struggled with workaholism, food addiction, substance abuse, or someone you know has. We have to first define what addiction is in order to define and know how to create a life that is addicted to a good life. The first step of addiction is “We admitted we were powerless over our addiction that our lives had become unmaneageable.” Years back I remember sitting in a two day conference in Napa Valley about Success and Entrepreneurship. I sat next to a guy name Bert Jacobs. Over the course of two days I learned a ton about his company ‘Life is Good’ and his mindset behind the companie’s success. Making choices that are for the highest good create a good life.


DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with The Law of Perfect Health. This Universal Law is the axiom that whatever is going on within your health is the mental equivalent of what is going on within consciousness, individually and collectively. When you get out of alignment with Mother Nature and Universal Laws we experience ill-health. Within you is a born intelligence and an innate healer, capable of restoring harmony, well being and vibrant vitality. When the body is bogged down with toxins and negative emotions it can’t function properly. From a spiritual perspective, dis-ease is Spirit (your higher self) communicating that individually and culturally we are out of harmony with life. Symptoms within the body, such as poor health and illness are the relative and inverted experience of our use of Universal Energy.  From an absolute perspective, the truth is that you are an eternal immortal spiritual being. You are not your body, you have a body. From a spiritual perspective, the only true disease is amnesia. However, if we choose to experience wellness we must align with nature’s way.


DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Go within, quiet your mind, and begin to ask your highest self how you can serve for the highest good today.


DAILY CHALLENGE: Stop handing your power over to things that will bound you energetically.





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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.” 

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Learn the universal law of attraction, metaphysics, manifestation, spiritual psychology, past-life regressions,  and spiritual awakening. This top podcast is created to provide support, education, self-development, healing, motivation, and inspiration. Spiritual trauma recovery is the key. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.