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Nov. 11, 2018




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Podcast: DR. ERIN -

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INTRO: Good Morning from Los Angeles, Each morning we come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principle, and align with universal law. We are The Shift. The Tribe. The Movement.

DAILY INSPIRATION: Story of the first day I found my spiritual center.
Announcing The Soul Societe
The Shift. The Tribe. The Movement.

DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with LAW OF DHARMA: This law states that each person has a special gift, a unique purpose and message to bring to the world. You have a unique talent that no other individual in the world has. Through the intention of working for the highest good and out of service, this law unlocks the Divine within. The entire cosmos has aligned for you to take on a physical form to fulfill this calling. There's a message and a gift within you that the world thirsts for. You are the only person in the entire Universe with this Divine purpose. Your Divine purpose is your destiny

DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Align with people who live on spiritual principle

DAILY CHALLENGE: Find or create your spiritual community


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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.” 

Join Soulciété, and get certified as a Spiritual Warrior, Spiritual Entrepreneur, or get Accredited Certified as a Spiritual Psychology Coach & E4 Trauma Method®, Spiritual Psychology Master Practitioner, Master Teacher, or Doctor of Divinity.

Learn the universal law of attraction, metaphysics, manifestation, spiritual psychology, past-life regressions,  and spiritual awakening. This top podcast is created to provide support, education, self-development, healing, motivation, and inspiration. Spiritual trauma recovery is the key. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



Welcome to the Dr. Aaron show. May you live your truth?


Good morning. Live from Los Angeles each morning. We come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law. We are the shift, the tribe and the movement. And so today I wanna talk about Sunday sadness versus Sunday, and I have definitely experienced the both of those. So I actually wanna begin with a very personal and vulnerable story. In fact, I think I was thinking that I've never even told this story before, and it popped in my mind this morning and I thought, oh boy, am I really ready to share that story? So I actually wanna share it. It was actually the first day I went to a spiritual center. This was years and years ago. A mentor of mine had invited me to come down to this spiritual center. And, uh, it wasn't a traditional church. It was a new thought or science and mind center.


And I don't know if you guys are familiar with those, but basically they are. They refer to all religions, all philosophy, all science, incredible centers focusing really on metaphysics of an energy of our, our nature here. And so at this point in time in my life, I was in a very, very dysfunctional relationship with a Grammy winning musician who was an addict. And, um, I was clearly very, very sick because I was in these patterns of the merry-go-round. They call it with, um, uh, an addict, an alcoholic. And, uh, so I came on Sunday with my mentor and I'm sitting there in this seat. And if you've ever been to a spiritual center, generally they start with music and, you know, the music was pumping up and everyone was kinda like getting involved. And I realized my, my phone lit up and I realized that I hadn't completely turned it off.


So I went to go turn it off. And I realized there was a message and it was a message from a woman. And what had happened, uh, was, uh, my boyfriend at that time had gone over to Europe to record an album and fell off the wagon in the, in the meantime, over there and ended up, uh, just in a complete mess. He literally, you know, started drinking and doing drugs and ended up linking up with somebody and, um, uh, slept with her and asked her to marry him in the middle of his, um, debacle. And, um, we had basically gotten in touch to the entire thing. And, um, she had told me that he had asked her to marry him and they were gonna come back over to the states. And so obviously when he came back from that sobered up, he, uh, you know, obviously realized that he had done a lot of things that he, uh, was suffering from.


But basically the text that came through from her was that she said, I've just slipped my wrist. And, uh, the paramedics are on the way. And so I literally like, you know, the adrenaline was like pumping through my entire body. I was just like in total shock, I was already dealing with PTSD and everything from all the trauma that had happened in that relationship. And I, I got up and I went out to the aisle and I literally tripped, like I completely fell and everyone's kinda like looking at me and I, you know, get up. And I kind of like walk really fast outta the spiritual center. So long story short, of course I, you know, spoke with her and she ended up being okay, but obviously had a lot of, uh, therapy to do with herself as well. And, um, long story short, I finally got the help that I needed to end my own, uh, self-worth issues.


And the spiritual center that day was a landmark day. For me, it was a day that I'll never forget because it was actually like it put, I put a land, a, a, like a mark in the sand, you know, like this is enough. And what happened was I had been doing so much spiritual work before then. I had been, you know, meditating for years. I had seen through the veil. I knew what truth was, but the issue was I wasn't living the truth. I was still in dysfunction, obviously that was a, you know, very, very low point in my entire life. And, um, but the reality is that I was clearly sick because I had not found the love, the self love within I had clearly not found what it would take to take care of myself and know my worth. And so for me, the difference between a Sunday of sadness versus a Sunday of fun is literally living on spiritual principle, living in a line with what makes your life work.


And for me, I needed to have a spiritual center. I needed to have people around me that were living on spiritual principle and, and really holding me for my highest good and, and helping me thrive in my life. And so for me, I actually had this podcast is actually an announcement it's announcement. I'm so excited you guys. So I am launching, uh, my very first spiritual center, which is called the soul society. And this has been brewing in me for so many years. As some of you have watched me in my, you know, becoming a spiritual practitioner, becoming a minister, becoming a doctor divinity, and literally, you know, going out in the world and building an online platform, building a show, building a bunch of things. I still, there was something in me like what is my exact ministry? Because I knew it wasn't a traditional church.


I'm just, it just didn't resonate with me sitting in that seat, looking up at somebody on stage was not how I wanted to experience my spiritual center. I wanted to spirit, I wanted to experience it as a community, as everybody having a voice as you know, uh, us coming together. And so I am so excited to announce the soul society and what it is is it is an online and in person community. And so, you know, I have people around the world that we're connected with. We have people in Bali, in India, in UK, all around the world. And so just to do a spiritual center where we come together on Sunday in, in Los Angeles, wouldn't work for me. I have, there's just too much community around the world. So this is the deal. The sole society is the shift, the tribe and the movement.


And it literally is an online and in person community. And we will actually have weekly conference calls. So everyone can tune in from around the globe. And we will have events. We're gonna begin with events in Los Angeles, and we're going to basically have people that are around the globe that are beginning to have their in-person events, um, under the umbrella of the sole society. So that we're all one community. I truly believe that there's never been a community. That's done this. I have not found this. And this is why I am creating it. Cuz what we seek is what our is, what our destiny is. So, um, we will have the weekly conference call. We will have events that will begin monthly, but they will end up becoming weekly. Um, we'll basically come together to know the truth, live on the spiritual principle and align with, um, with, you know, the universe and our own truth.


We wake up reprogram a line and affirm every day. Um, we will have everything teaching about universal law, how to reprogram our subconscious mind, how to manifest what we truly desire in a life. So really we're, we're going from knowing the truth to living the truth and each and every one of us has a unique divine truth. And that's what we celebrate. We celebrate our expression, our beautiful expression, as long as it's creating harmony, uh, and not harm in the world. And so today I wanna talk about aligning with the law of Dharma because this is my Dharma. This is what I born for. This is what I, this is my greatest desire is to teach truth and have a community that lives on truth. And so knowing this, your daily spiritual practice today is literally to align, align with people who live on spiritual principle.


You know, if you take a look at your life, are people bringing you down or are they bringing you up and you need to have a spiritual community. And then your daily challenge is to find or create your, your spiritual community. So you're, you're more than welcome to get involved. I'd love for you to be involved with the soul society and we're taking all different types and levels of, of where people are. I truly believe in time, talent and treasure, knowing that we claim our birthright of prosperity, but people can get involved at different levels. Yes. You can become a traditional member. Yes. You can get involved with the mastermind. Yes. You can get involved with the events. Yes. You can involved with all that. You can also become somebody who's a volunteer. You can also become someone who's sponsored. You can also become somebody who is an advocate who says I wanna be a leader in this community.


Yes, yes. And yes, that's what I say because I know that each and every one of us has a unique expression of how we give to our community and that looks different for each person. And so on that, I'm just so incredibly excited. You guys, we found different venues around the city and I can just, I already like envisioning the entire thing. I see how people are coming together every day, um, online and they're coming together in conference calls throughout the week. They're coming together in the membership group. They're coming together in the events they're coming together in, in more, um, specific masterminds around developing their entrepreneurship and their leadership skills and all the above. I see different leaders that are, have their own expertise within the spiritual realm, teaching things. I see collaborations with bigger brands that have, um, you know, other kinds of expertise that come together to help our community up level, to rise together, to become the bosses and the goddesses and the, and the geniuses and the gurus that we already are.


And so I just know the perfection and I've, I haven't been excited like this and I'm excited every single day, not gonna lie. I got up at 3:00 AM. Spirit was like, come on, I hire self was like, get up, come on. We gotta crate come on. And I was like, my body was like, I'm tired, you know? And Spirit's like, come on, come on, come on. We have so much creation to do. This is so fun. And my body's like, really again, we gotta do this again. And I'm like, yep. Okay. So spirit wins again. Okay. So I've been up since three. I'm so excited because I just know I have a total knowing around this, like it's, it is thriving. It's successful. It is heartfelt. It is supportive. It is something that I have desired for so long. And so I'm gonna create it. So on today, if you're having sadness today, I just really want you to invite you to take a look at what you are seeking is what you need to find or create and turning that into a Sunday of fun. So join us, um, together as we create lives that we love having fun, having community and all the above. May you have a wonderful day and may you live your truth?


Thanks again for tuning in to Dr. Aaron, I'd like to invite you to write a review for this podcast on iTunes. It's important that we like share and comment and support the communities that we love in return. I have a free gift for you, 30 guided meditations, which you can find at Dr. That's www dot Dr. Get inspired and learn to use your mind for good via my free app, which includes my daily live show interviews, power talks, universal law lessons, and more also, if you're ready to take a quantum leap in your life, you can join my mastermind and you can claim your free digital masterclass with a purchase of my international best selling book awakening, a 40 day guide to unleashing your spiritual power life, purpose, and manifest in your dreams. Thanks again. And may you live your truth?