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Oct. 25, 2018




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INTRO: Good Morning from Los Angeles, Each morning we come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principle, and align with universal law. Together, we are waking up the world!


DAILY INSPIRATION: Relationships are literally created by the consciousness of everyone! This is why during a wedding the minister get agreement from the families and friends. Do you support this union?


DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with LAW OF ONENESS: There is One Presence, One Mind, One Spirit and One Life Source which is Divine Love. This law unifies all people, places and things and it is the interconnectedness of all of life; past, present, and future. You are energetically connected to all of life; your individual conscious mind is connected subconsciously to the subjective mind, which is connected to the Collective Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness. You are the divine individual and the Universe, co-creating in the most brilliant way.


DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Practice non-triangulation, non-complaining, non-gossip.  


DAILY CHALLENGE: Get a spiritual counselor, mentor, or therapist.





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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

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Welcome to the Dr. Aaron show. May you live your truth?


Good morning from Los Angeles, California. We come together each day to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law. So let's do this thing. You guys let's begin with an invocation, taking a deep breath in knowing the truth that the ultimate relationship is within all other relationships, other projection and reflection of our ability to love. And I really recognize that relationships are the opportunity to experience deeper and deeper depths of our soul. What we do, like what we don't like, what is our truth? How do we have the ability to respond? And so today I know that there is this divine use of energy and we get to either create it and have amazing, extraordinary relationships that expand, grow, and deliver extraordinary art things and expressions to the world. And there's an inverted use of the energy to create dysfunctional relationships, relationships that, that tie us and bound us, and that literally have us dysfunctional.


They don't work. And so today I declare that there is the ultimate relationship within and that as we love th self, as we get in harmony with ourself and find peace within ourself and full expression, our relationships begin to demonstrate that as well. And as together we say, and so it is so on that note, today's topic is how to destroy your relationship. I have been there and I know so many of us have in ways we have no idea how we destroyed it. Energetically, you are a powerful, spiritual being that the moment you even consider, uh, someone to be something you set in motion and you actually create them into existence. That's right. Relationships are really, um, the union of two consciousness coming together and we create the other person into existence and everyone around us creates our relationship into existence. So how to destroy your relationship is to talk negatively about your relationship to focus on what is wrong with the relationship.


So I wanna talk to you today a little bit about one of the biggest pitfalls that I watch, um, clients do that I did in my twenties and that I watch, um, especially I, my girlfriends, not anymore, but a lot of girlfriends, one of our typical ways is coming together and complaining. So, um, I'll never forget when I was in my twenties. I used to do that. I would, you know, uh, I was in a kind of dysfunctional relationship and I would call up my girlfriends and I would tell 'em all about all the things that was wrong with it and all the things that was wrong with him and blah, blah, blah. And when I work with clients, um, and they wanna deal with whatever relationship issue. Um, the first thing I ask is, you know, how are you going about your life? Who are you talking to this about?


Because one of the primary things of living on spiritual principle is literally being very, very cautious of the words that you use and how you create into existence, everything in your life. So one of the primary work is to become disciplined, to not complain about your relationship to your girlfriends, to your friends, your family, whoever that is, right. The spiritual principle is that you still get to have a sacred space for that. You find a mentor, you find a coach, you find a therapist who actually have your, your times that you deal with what's going on. You want somebody who's neutral, who is not going to take sides or have an opinion, or just consciously cuz people just aren't that advanced. They just literally, you can tell 'em whatever's going on dramatically in your relationship. And they just can't help but have judgment. They can't help, but have an opinion.


It's just that, that they, they may not be a, you know, neutral party to hold in consciousness. So, you know, it's fascinating because if you think about it, when people get married, the job, one of the primary jobs of a minister is to hold the space for the union, which means they get agreement from both families. They get agreement from all the friends and all the people, because they know energetically that we are so powerful that literally everyone in the environment of a relationship holds that relationship in its creation. Literally. So if you have people around you and I'm sure we've all experienced where we've been in relationship and the, and our partners, friends don't necessarily like us, you know, like, or they just don't support it. They don't think it's right. And it literally has this binding thing that pulls apart. The relationship. Some people have been in a relationship where maybe the, the parents of the person doesn't necessarily want their child to be in a relationship with that person.


And it literally tears the relationship apart. You are not just the relationship of the two of you. You are the relationship of every, the sum total of all the people around you and how the some people and your environment hold your relationship is creating it into existence. So one of the primary ways of destroying your relationship is talking negatively about it, energizing the problems, energizing, what is wrong with it? The primary principle to live on in relationship is to see the person you're in relationship for the miracle that they are, and really focus on their strengths and energize those strengths. It's actually technically out of ethics to be in a relationship and focus on someone's pitfalls, just focus on what's wrong with them. And oftentimes, you know, going through, um, codependency and, and awakening going past, you know, love addiction and these things I realized looking back, I was one of those women in my twenties that I wanted to fix change, you know, uh, control the person I was with.


And I always thought it was them. Something's wrong, wrong with them. They need to change. They're not, you know, doing X, Y, or Z, they're, you know, bad or wrong because X, Y, and Z. And it wasn't until I really truly awoken to the, to understanding the spiritual ethics. And I began to point the finger back at myself, taking full responsibility and realizing that I was the one who was holding them back in life, because I was the one that was focusing on their strengths instead of their sorry, their weaknesses instead of their strengths. And so this is so incredibly powerful. If you are listening to this, if you have a friend that complains, if you complain, please share this. We need to know this wisdom. This wisdom can change your entire life. I know it did for mine. And so how do you destroy your relationship?


You focus on what's wrong. You go out and you complain, you get agreement from your friends on the phone of how your partner is, is wrong. That is the number one way to destroy any relationship. And so if you truly, uh, decided that you're ready to powerfully step into relationship, it is a discipline. So today's universal law is to align with the law of oneness. I mean, the point is this. We are one. You are not just individual from your partner. You are one. Everyone in your life is one with you. Every single family member, every single friend, every single person you work with is holding in consciousness, who you are and who your relationship is. There is one presence, one mind, one spirit, one life source, which is divine. Love this law, unifies all people, places and things. And it is the interconnectedness of all of life.


Past present, future, you are energetically connected to all of life. And this is why doing your amends for past relationships is so important. You guys, you've got to go and say, you're sorry, you've gotta clean up with your friends. Like, you know what? I used to really complain and energize. And I played into destroying that relationship. You've got to take accountability in your life and look where you destroyed your relationships, where you created it into existence. And when you fully acknowledge that you will experience being powerful. You're already all powerful, but you were experienced being more powerful than ever in the realm of relationship. So you have that ability. You have the ability to use the one, the one universal law, the energy to destroy, or to create you can destroy and make a relationship miserable, or you can create it into an extraordinary, amazing relationship.


It's your choice. It doesn't mean you stay in dysfunctional relationship. It doesn't mean you stay with people that you don't align with. You can put boundaries and you can say, you know what? They're perfect exactly as they are. And they're not for me. And that's fine too, but staying in something and energizing it negatively does nothing but hurt everyone. So on that note, also today's spiritual practice is to practice non triangulation practice, non complaining practice, non gossip, so important, such a daily spiritual practice. One of the most important, especially if you're in a relationship, no question about it. And today's challenge is to get a spiritual counselor, get a mentor, get a therapist so that when you do are going through hard times, cuz life is challenging. You need to have the right person. You need to have someone that's gonna hold you accountable. That's gonna have a neutral mind and that can know the pure potential and be able to understand how you are creating your life into existence and you have full free will.


So on that note, I know today's a divine day to love myself and love everyone in your life. Um, I am opening up, um, masterminds group masterminds. Now I'm completely full on one-on-ones right now. Um, but you can direct message me. You can email me at Aaron at Aaron fall. You can go to my website. You can go to Instagram under Dr. and you can, um, we're doing group, uh, 12 week masterminds right now. Love to have you in their powerful, powerful stuff going on. And we're actually opening up a couple spots. It's gonna double in price for 2019. So you can actually get in for a beta test, which is half the price right now, which is gonna be epic because I'm gonna give you so much more value. You're gonna be able to get into it even more than the 12 weeks, because you're gonna be ahead of 2019. So on that note have a divine day. You guys, and may you live your truth.


Thanks again for tuning in to Dr. Aaron, I'd like to invite you to write a review for this podcast on iTunes. It's important that we'd like share and comment and support the communities that we love in return. I have a free gift for you, 30 guided meditations, which you can find at Dr. That's www dot Dr. Get inspired and learn to use your mind for good via my free app, which includes my daily live show interviews, power talks, universal law lessons, and more also, if you're ready to take a quantum leap in your life, you can join my mastermind and you can claim your free digital masterclass with a purchase of my international best selling book awakening, a 40 day guide to unleashing your spiritual powers, life, purpose, and manifest in your dreams. Thanks again, and may live your truth.