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Oct. 9, 2018





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DAILY INSPIRATION: You are either committed or not, period.


DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with The Law DIVINE WILL: The absolute Truth is that God’s will is your will. This law works in direct proportion to your ability to direct energy upon Universal Law by the power of your mind and the conviction of your heart. Divine Will has nothing to do with using force upon the physical realm. Control is influenced by the beliefs within your soul




DAILY CHALLENGE: Get mad! Used your frustration to make a decision in mind and commit to what you are truly committed to.





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Welcome to the Dr. Aaron show. May you live your truth?


Good morning from Los Angeles, California. We come together each morning to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law. So I'd like to begin with the story. Uh, it was actually true story. 1999. I remember I was in my very first seminar. It was a four day long seminar and remember, like being really nervous for it showing up. And over the four days, I sat next to this one girl and we became very, very good friends over the four days. So one of the days I think we're on lunch and just our ging. I said, you know, how long have you been in the self development world? Is this your first seminar and so on and so forth? And she says, actually I was in it for a little bit, but I got completely out of it about a year ago.


And then I'm just coming back full steam. Now she said, I, she said, I actually went to, I hired a coach. She had been in some self development and she hired a coach. It was, he was very expensive. She said he was $80,000 in 1999. That was a lot of money. And she said that basically she went to her first coaching session and he basically screamed at her and he said, what are you committed to? And she kind of like was all scared. And she was like, I don't know. And he screamed again, why are you committed to? And she just kind of like stood there in shock. She didn't know how to answer.


And basically he said that she just, they weren't a right fit, that he gave her money back and said that he only works with highly committed individuals who are committed to success in their personal and professional lives. And I'll never forget that because we were kind of laughing and, and what I realized, you know, after that conference, after that seminar and after doing, you know, 23 years of, of so much work, subconscious work and self-development, and seeing the patterns of all of it and seeing incredible platforms, um, that I work with, the reality is this until you're committed, nothing's gonna happen. I've witnessed over and over within myself and clients in areas of their life where they're not truly committed, that they just, they just can't have it. You can give them the best information in the world and they won't be able to implement it or they're sabotage it or whatever, because they're just not truly committed.


And so the topic today and the title and what I really want to inquiry in for yourself today is what are you committed to? What are you truly, truly, truly committed to? You know, there's a great, uh, story of, of a student that goes, and he hears that there's, uh, a monk up in the Hills that basically can teach enlightenment. And one day he kind of strolls up the mountain and, and knocks on the door and the monk opens the door and the student says, hi, I heard that you can, you know, teach enlightenment. I'm wondering if I could, you know, be your student and the monk slams the door in the student's face. So the student, he kinda turns around and he kind of starts taking a few steps. He's like, wait a minute. Maybe I should be a little bit more determined, you know?


So he turns around and he knocks on the door again. And the, the monk, you know, eventually opens the door and he goes, please, like, I, I really am interested in, in learning about this thing called enlightenment, you know, and the monk slams the door and the guy's face again, the guy turns around and he is like walking down the hill. And he is like, shit. You know, like I gotta figure this whole enlightenment thing out. So he turns around, he goes, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna figure this out and goes, he just bangs and bangs and bangs. Finally, the monk opens the door and he goes, please, please, please, please, please. I have to learn enlightenment, please I'll do anything. So the monk, you know, he goes, well, let's go for a walk. So they go for a walk like out in the forest and they're kind of walking, they're walking.


It's like, you know, three miles into it. And it's, as soon as like, you know, what's up, like I, you, are you gonna teach me anything? You know? So they're walking a little bit more and they're they come to like this pond and the monk goes, let's go over to this pond. And he goes, take a look at yourself in the water. And the, and the student looks down at the water and he sees this a reflection. He's thinking, oh, maybe I'm gonna really learn something about the reflection and how life reflects back to me or something like that. And lo and behold, the monk takes his head and he shoves his head down into the water and he's like holding him down. And the, and the student's like literally like running out of air and, and stressed out and is like about to drown.


And the monk pulls his head out of the water. And the student's like spitting out spit and sucking in air. And he's like, oh my God, what are you doing? And the monk said, when you want enlightenment that bad, you'll get it. And this is the point is that until you truly, truly are committed at such a core level, that you're willing to do anything. You want it as much as you want your next breath. You want it as much as anything in this entire life. Like you will not be fulfilled without the completion of the success and what area you're, you're ready for. It's just not gonna happen. And so I think it's such an important conversation to have. What are you truly committed to? I'll never forget going through a transformational program years ago. And it was on the topic of commitment. And oftentimes when we think of commitment, we think of a to-do list.


Not very fun, like I've gotta be committed, but the true thing is that underlying all of it, we have commitments. We just aren't even really even aware of 'em, they're inner subconscious. We've made the decisions they're there. Okay. So I remember going through this, uh, one process and, and clearly I'm committed to, to my own self development. I'm, I'm committed to my own enlightenment. I'm committed to that seeking. It is something that I can't deny. Like I, it's not like I have to like make myself try and be on this journey. Like I'm so committed. It's ridiculous. But I remember taking a look at my health and the area of commitment around that. And I had a profound awakening realizing that I wasn't so much committed to health as I was committed to being thin. And I realized this through some processes, you know, that as long as I was really thin, then I would allow myself to eat some junk or whatever.


But if I started feeling a little, like I was, you know, getting a little uncomfortable in my clothes and I would, you know, tailor it down. But so the point is, this is I realized this and it was, it was groundbreaking because this is why, because I think that when you realize that you are not fully committed to your goals, it's called torture. <laugh>, there's no point in having goals and these big dreams, if you're not truly committed to 'em, otherwise it's literally just torture. You're torturing yourself and kidding yourself in the dance of being halfway in and halfway out. We've all been in relationships where we're halfway in or halfway out or not all of us, but many of us and it's it's hell, it's a living. Hell is being halfway in, halfway out in anything in your life. You're either in, or you're not like it's really that simple because life gets hard when you're doing your business.


It gets hard when you're in relationship, it gets hard. When you're dealing with health issue gets hard. If you're not fully committed, then you, you gotta do one of two things. You gotta either be realistic and really get that you're not committed, or you need to get mad. You need to literally do what it takes to get the impact of not doing what it takes to, to do your dream, right? So you gotta get the impact. So oftentimes working with clients and doing transformation in group, we get the impact, you know, what are you up to right now? And what's the likelihood of what that is gonna look like 10 years from now later, what are you gonna deal with on your deathbed? What's the reality of what you're up to and what you're truly committed to right now. And what does that look like?


Getting the impact of, if you don't change, if you don't do your subconscious work, if you don't get a coach, if you don't do these things, get a support group, go a community, do all these things that we know has to be done. It's like, you gotta, you gotta get real with yourself. So my question and inquiry today for you is what are you committed to like, like a hundred percent, like a thousand percent and wherever you're not a hundred percent committed. You got, you gotta get real with yourself. You're just, is just a big torture to have those goals and dreams, and then not actually be committed to 'em. Right? So today we align with the law of divine will, the divine will God's will, if you will, your hire is your will. You are spirit. You are that factor. You have the ability to command your subconscious mind and command and put in motion.


The entire universe. The absolute truth is that God's will, is your will. God's not a man in the sky. God is that energy that is connecting all of us. That's in your intelligence at every cell and every single person's cell that is your will. This law works in direct proportion to your ability, to direct energy upon universal law, by the power of your mind and the conviction of your heart. And let me tell you the decision of the commitment that is what sets it in motion. Divine will has nothing to do with the use of force or trying to do it, or having a big to-do list or any of that crap. It literally is a belief within your soul. And when you have a belief in knowing that you have faith, that you can do anything you set your mind to it's done. And so today's daily spiritual practice is to live your truth, live what commitments you already have and figure out what your truth is and get fricking committed to it. And today's challenges to get mad. I want you to get mad, like get the impact of what non-commitment looks like, and then use your frustration to make a decision of mine and commit to what you're truly committed to and what I'm truly committed to. It's a living, my truth, speaking, writing, and teaching truth. That is the greatest commitment I have. And so on that note have a wonderful day. And may you live your truth?


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