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Nov. 11, 2022

1111 Spiritual Awakening - A Year of Universal Law Book & Cards

1111 Spiritual Awakening - A Year of Universal Law Book & Cards

Hi Spiritual Superstar! 🤩 It's a special day... 11/11/22 Wow, what a year 2022 has been. It has been a super challenging year filled with deeper levels of humility, compassion, and service. And, it has been filled with blessings, laughter, and...

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Hi Spiritual Superstar! 🤩

It's a special day... 11/11/22

Wow, what a year 2022 has been.

It has been a super challenging year filled with deeper levels of humility, compassion, and service.

And, it has been filled with blessings, laughter, and total success.

One thing I have learned during my spiritual journey is that we can't have one without the other.

Life is both beautiful and challenging.

Years back, I remember finally understanding HOW the Universe worked. 

It was as if the entire cosmos finally clicked into place. 

I finally understood how my beliefs programmed my subconscious mind, and how my subconscious mind's polarity was automatically setting Universal Law into motion.

I finally understood how to reprogram my subconscious mind and actively direct Universal Law for specific manifestations. 

I finally understood how my life had gotten to where it was and how to create a New Thought.

My greatest wish is to be used for the highest good and to restore our divine birthright of Truth.

May you fully experience your divinity and be set free!

Today is a very special day...

Today my life-changing book is officially available. 

Spiritual Awakening - A Year of Universal Law Book!!!! 

I've recorded a podcast to get your mind right and unleash the power of aligning with Universal Law. 

And you can purchase the book today for a discounted launch price!

And, receive a 52 Universal Law course and audios.

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"The Universe only says YES!"✨ 

In today's podcast episode, 1111 Spiritual Awakening - A Year of Universal Law 


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Warmly, Dr. Erin

Dr. Erin is a World-Renowned Doctor of Divinity, Founder of New Thought Global & Soulciété, Metaphysical Teacher, TV Host of Good Morning LaLa Land, Creator of E4 Trauma Method®, International Best-Selling Author, 2020 Walden Wisdom Award Next to Oprah, Self-Made Millionaire, Top-Rated Podcast, and Mother.

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Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

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Welcome to The Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul’s purpose, and manifest your dreams. Learn the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, trauma healing, and metaphysical recovery secrets. I’m here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life.  I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are and I believe in you. Together, we are awakening the world.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity and the creator of the E4 Trauma Method®, world-renowned spiritual leader, master spiritual psychology coach, international best-selling author, and the 2020 Walden Wisdom award winner next to Oprah. 

Dr. Erin is committed to bridging spirituality, science, and psychology. She is forging ‘New Thought Wisdom’ in the study of Spiritual Psychology; the study of how everything is created from Source at a soul level.

Forbes nominated her as “11 Of The Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Watch On Instagram.” 

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There are three things I want you to know. You are here to know who you are. You are a divinely powerful 
Spiritual being here to give your heart to 
The world in the highest unique divine expression. You are pure potential. The second thing I want you to know is you are 
To dream the 
Greatest dream 
For your life. You need a vision to live into. Universal 
Law only 
Responds with a yes, but if you don't give it an intention, you'll find yourself lost. There is one 
For your dream. It must serve the highest good. You must create harmony and serve the world. And number three, you're going to have to release all attachment of the earthly world. And you're going to have to no longer hand your power over to anything or any one of this world. This will be your greatest test. But I'm here to hold your hand as we walk through the walls of fire, for you to truly become the woman or man that you've always desired to be somebody who is untouchable, unshakeable and truly the divine of who you are. 
Welcome to the Dr. Erin Podcast. This is a top spiritual psychology coach podcast to inspire and teach you how to transform your trauma, birth your soul's purpose, and manifest your dreams. 
Hi, I'm 
Dr. Erin. Dr. 
Divinity, I'm committed 
To bringing you the best coaching tips, spiritual advice, 
Trauma healing, and 
Metaphysical recovery secrets. I'm here to help you monetize your spiritual gifts and love your life. 
I want 
You to know that I've been exactly where you 
Are and I believe in you together 
We're awakening the 
Well, today is a special day. It is 1111, and today I wanna share with you something really special and near and dear to my heart, which is universal laws. So today my book on spiritual awakening, a year of universal law comes out. And I'm very excited because years back when I'd had my spiritual awakening, I still did not understand how the dynamics of this 3D realm worked. And so today I'm going to read you part of the excerpts from the very beginning of the book. I'm super excited to take this journey with you. If you have a girlfriend, a friend, somebody that you'd love to take your spiritual awakening together with, you wanna share this podcast so we can dive deep into really liberating you to know how to manifest and demonstrate what you want in this lifetime. Let's do this thing. Introduction. You are one with everything. 
The power within you is the same power that created the entire universe. From a spiritual perspective, you are consciousness source, love, creator. And yes, I'm gonna say it, God, you are not a divided individual, you are divine. How does this omnipotent source experience more of itself by experiencing infinite, inverted, fractal creations of itself? This 3D human experience is a divine game of hide and seek. The paradox is that the source that created the entire game is you are one with everything at your core is the source that created all of life for the expanding relative experience of itself. The construct of energy, vibration, and frequency in the beginning was word light and dark, heaven and earth. At first there weren't things, just elements in order to create, there had to be order. Imagine if there was no order in the universe, there would be particles flying every direction. 
You would not be able to create anything and you not be able to experience the depths of your soul in form. The creative process is how you create the unfoldment of thought through universal law. In form, universal laws are the way that you create and manifest all of life is your canvas to express more of yourself. Every material thing and all experiences are first created in consciousness and then manifested through universal law. So I'm really excited to share this with you today. You guys. This book is something that has been in consciousness and being created for many, many years. As I began to get developed as a doctor, Divinity, understanding that you are consciousness, individual consciousness, collective consciousness and cosmic consciousness. The moment that you consider yourself to be anything other than source, you set universal law and demotion. You are divine. And so I'm just gonna read a little bit more and just knowing today as a community, as a family, we get our mind right every single week. 
And if you are listening to this podcast, it's because you are part of my family, my spiritual soul family. And each week we recognize how important it is to align to our unity so that we can live in peace and be able to manifest from a high frequency, recognizing also the beauty of the suffering and the trauma as well. So here we go. Universal law, the universe works in direct response to your identity and beliefs. In this relative universe, you are able to create both harmony and chaos, order and disorder, love and hate expression, fear, life and death. You can either create an accordance or discordance with universal law. The universe is listening to you right now. No words need to be spoken. It listens through energy, vibration and frequency. It hears your heart, your beliefs, your feelings. It communicates with you 24 7, 365 days of a year every second for all of eternity because it is, you are a creator at magnificent and connected life, source and force. 
Individually, you are a unique divine expression. The universe is taking your order. What would you like to have? What would you like to experience? What would you like to be? But be aware, as the universe does not know the future from the past, it does not know the difference between rich and poor, smart or foolish, charismatic or dull. It does not know good from evil or right or wrong. It is neutral, focused on the here and now and always responds with a yes. The universe is working 100% of the time. It does not play favorites. It is the same divine nature in every person. And instantaneously works in direct relationship to your identity and your beliefs. Self contemplation sets polarity and emotion via universal law. The moment that you identify yourself to be anything other than the I am presence, you set universal law in motion. 
Your identity creates your beliefs and your beliefs create your thoughts. Your thoughts creates your feelings. And your feelings create the emotions and your emotions create the point of view and the circumstances of your life with total precision. This is the cause and effect mechanism of universal law. May you remember who you are? Set yourself free and create beautiful divine game that makes an impact in the world. May you become a world renowned spiritual leader. And so going one step further with a final excerpt from this amazing new book that I'm so excited to bird to the world, What is universal law? Universal laws are the way we manifest. They are the axioms of life. Universal laws are the modes of operation of the creative process of life, which is the involvement of thought through universal laws into physical form. Universal laws work as a tri nature, spirit, soul, and body. 
Universal laws are informed and directed by spirit, aka your higher self or pure consciousness, which is the first cause of all creation. Universal laws are the way energy is formed into physical existence. Universal laws are the principles and physics of how we manifest and demonstrate. Universal laws are how the absolute is fraternized into the relative universal laws work without exception equally and impersonally. When you create an accordance with universal laws, you experience your divine power. The extent to which you invert your use of energy and universal laws is the degree to which you will be experiencing feeling powerless. Consciousness informs universal law through the soul and subjective mind, and in turn informs universal law and energy into the physical realm. The extent to which you align with universal law or resist it is the extent to which you'll experience being powerful. You can align with universal law and create heaven, or you can invert universal law and create hell. 
So in this book I'm going to teach you how to manifest using universal law. Are you creating scarcity or abundance? Are you creating hate or love? Are you creating division or unity? Are you creating harmony or chaos? Are you creating dis-ease or vitality? Are you creating self-expression or living in fear? I'm going to break down everything of how to use this book, How the 52 universal law distinctions are going to help you an entire year long and every single week in my community, we will be going off the week of the year and referring to universal law. So this book is gonna really help you break down with a beautiful art as well. And it's gonna teach you actually how to have ceremony with universal law. How to begin to have daily readings for yourself, align, be able to speak into your subconscious mind, which is one with universal law. 
I'm gonna teach you how to do spiritual mind treatment. Breaking down absolutely using your mind to direct upon universal law for specific demonstration and manifestation. What are you ready to heal? Who are you ready to become? What limitations are you ready to let go of? What are you ready to embody? Where are you ready to be set free? And so in this is a 52 different series of universal law for you to use this every single week of the year to get your mind right. You can use this in your meditation practice place and be able to be inspired. You're going to learn how to awaken the oracle within. And you're also going to have journal and action prompts to align with your heart's purest desire. And so today, as 11, 11 is such a important day, 22 is my favorite number as well. So it couldn't be a more profound day to give yourself a gift and align so that we can take our lives to the next level together as a community, as a family. 
And so in this, taking a deep breath in through the nose, recognizing the spiritual awakening is really the remembrance of myself, knowing that I am, that I am recognizing that I am law, I am love and law all as one, knowing that my heart really leads the way that the intelligence knows always what is mine to do. And in this I know that you have a divine soul's purpose. And as you align with the universal law, awakening more and more into the depths of your soul and being able to turn on your intuition and your abilities to communicate with the cosmos, to communicate with the collective, to communicate with every single person recognized in all relationships are eternal. And that there's only life and that we are here to experience the depths of our soul in form. And the greatest product to produce is you. And so in this, I'm knowing great power that the recognition of the power that you always are, you've always been and you are right now, is what is actually restores the power. It's just in consciousness. And when we recognize our power, we are unstoppable, we are unlimited, We 
Are pure 
Potential. And so today, I say yes to this incredible book, yes to birthing our voice and our message to the world. Yes, for all the leaders that came before that taught me yes for the divine within, that's always been my greatest partner. That I am, that I am. And so I just say thank you, thank you, thank you for being used for the highest good. Thank you for understanding universal law that has actually totally liberated my soul. I say yes to this, I say yes to life. I say yes to absolutely knowing our spiritual truth and being liberated and being able to help others and impacting and awakening a billion people together by developing world renowned spiritual leaders. You. And in this, I say thank you, thank you, thank you as together we say. And so it is. I'll write you guys, I hope you enjoyed those excerpts from the beginning of this book. 
You can grab this book on all Amazon's across and everywhere you can grab books. I'm so honored knowing that books write us, they develop us. And in this, I'm so excited. So go ahead and you can click the links below. You can grab across all Amazon and other platforms. We'd grab a book, okay? Have a beautiful blessed day. Bring this book every week to the podcast, and we can refer to every universal lot each week, being able to embody it, use it, and take our lives to the next level. Have a beautiful, blessed day. Also, you can grab your free 52 universal law Lessons with this as well, and that's in the link below as well. Thank you for 
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